Thursday, April 28, 2011

thrifty adventures

Look what I found! Something that I had never seen before! Isn't that a real treat? It's a beautiful piece of 2 yards of blue fabric, sold as a remnant.

I just love the whole packaging. The string wrap closure and the labeling. It didn't have a price on it, so the shop sold it to me for the original marked price on the packet of 79 cents.

And I just love their business logo. See how the needle and thread make up the name Rother's. And the phone number is LYtell 3-9211.

It also says "The most complete fabric and sewing store". Plus they had sewing classes. Which I love! And I guess they taught how to sew on Knit -n- Stretch fabric. Polyester?

Plus I bought this little packet of notions for $2. More than the blue silk fabric! But the seam bindings and ric rac is always a must for me to buy. You may never know when you will need them.

Did you have any unexpected finds at the thrift store this week? Please visit Stacey at Pill's Place to see what she found, and join our link party here.


PinkGranny said...

Good finds! I wonder if the sewing store is still in business. The Knitn-stretch classes also taught t-shirt classes with cotton knit, swimwear and addition to clothing/suits etc from polyester double knit. Pretty good classes really. I tried them all.

donna said...

What wonderful finds. You are right you can alway use cute notions.

malia said...

that's so fun and yes that's a terrific logo, very creative. looks like you picked up all sorts of fun stuff! xo