Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's only four weeks away until our big move to Georgia.

just inside our front door

Having lived in California all my life, this is a huge move for us.

I guess it would be for anyone. But my family, on my mother's side, has been here since 1850.  They came in covered wagons from Missouri. Took them 9 months to come. They are the real deal.

I am finding myself looking for ways to bring my "Californianess" to Georgia without being too obvious. I have found these neat bricks from our local pottery, Gladding McBean.

Can you read the "Lincoln" stamped on them? These are from one of the large kilns used at the pottery, a distinctive yellow clay.

I found them at a local 100 acre ranch in rural Lincoln. I am excited to find a place for them in my new garden.

The problem is I only have five of these bricks.  Do you think my husband would kill me if I got some more?