Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well you know that I went to Quilt, Craft, Sew.    I went not just one day, but two!  The first day was with Claire and her two girls.  My own girl came along too.  She is used to her mom looking at fabrics and shopping!

First, it was a smaller venue then what I thought it would be.   And so many of the vendors were not local. It was fun asking where everyone was from!  One vendor came from Florida!  There were also people selling jewelry, snacks, cooking spices, and makeup.  And the big bummer, parking was $10.  But, remember I did come back for a second day!

Yes, we had a great time.  I mostly bought fabric that I don't find locally.  Mostly Heather Bailey fabric!  She has such bright, vibrant, fun, colors and patterns.  I saw people just so excited, seeing her fabric for the first time!

I also bought a few books.  Like I need more of those!  I did get this one called Quilts Japan.  Which I just had to have for the great inspiration!  Such great pictures!

becky & me

I bought some fabric squares from Becky.

I picked out some cute vintage images, that were already on fabric and permanent from Patti.

And I bought my HB fabric, trims, and a cute pattern from Beth.

There was more of course on the second day out with my mom.   She bought a gadget for her back and the fasturn (pic above) for us both to use.   Yes, I will go to this show again in 2010.  But I would love to be a vendor there myself!  Maybe with g&g!  And despite their being a recession, people really were out there shopping.

Did you go too?  And what did you think, have a good time?

great review

Here's another great book review that I had to share with you!  It's from someone that has no personal ties with me, so is unbiased.  They even mentioned my coaster's!

And remember to enter the pillowcase challenge being held over at Lark Books!  You have until April 30 to participate.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Ediann over at etsy gave me a wonderful compliment today,  she added me to her treasury! She has a pic of my little "sleep" pillow.  It has a different pillowcase fabric for each letter.

I originally made it to send to Lark Books for their Pillowcase Challenge.  But I didn't get it done in time.  I didn't sit down and do the hand stitching right away like I should have. 

So now the sleep pillow is over on my website and etsy.  I am selling it just as the pillow case, without the form.  That way shipping will cost less.

In other news, I went to the Quilt, Craft, Sew show at Cal Expo yesterday.  I met some great girls, and bought a few different things.  I will be going again tomorrow with my Mom and probably taking more photos.  So, I will be sharing that whole experience with you on Sunday when I will have more time.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

martha today

Isn't it funny how we say "Martha" and everyone know who you are talking about.  It's like Cher and Madonna.  Just not as exciting of a name.  It's now also an adjective.  When was the last time you described someone as a martha?  In a good way :)

Well today on Martha, she is having a very special visitor from Glitter and Grunge!  And we are all so excited for our glittery friend Crystal!  She will be making a felted bird nest.  So very sweet and eastery.  Now she will be a Martha too, in the best possible of ways!

I hope you watch it today.  And if you miss it, you can always see it again on her website.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

quilt sew craft

I went by the Meissner sewing center in Rocklin today.  They have free tickets (limit 2) to the Sacramento Quilt, Craft, Sew show at Cal Expo.  It's this weekend Thrusday - Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm.

I'm going to head over there on Thursday.  I am so excited about it!  And I might try to hop back over there on Sat.   I hope I will be able to share some photo's with you.  This is a show where I will definitely have to ask for permission before taking pic's.

I would love to see what fabrics and notions will be there.  I need to hold onto my cash this week, so I'll have a little something to spend.  Will I be seeing you there?

Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm updating my etsy this morning.  Remember the baby items that I made for my girlfriend?  I made another flower applique onesie and a burpcloth using the same summery yellow fabric.  I'll have to make a boy set to go with it too.  It will be a tie onesie with a yellow minky burpie.

gift sets

The sun was so perfect yesterday afternoon, that I ended up taking more pictures of my other little gift sets.  When that I happens, I end up taking 10-15 pictures of the same item.  Which is fun for me at the time.  And then the next day I have to weed through my photos to find my favorite 5 that I can put on etsy.  This I think is a good problem to have.  Good lighting and good photos of my items.

Have you joined the contest over at Lark Books yet?  You could win 10 crafty books!  A great reward for a fun challenge!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

look for me

Once a month I update special katie jean creations to the Glitter and Grunge site. I remember being so excited when I was invited to join!  It was like being invited to a great crafty girl party!

Now g&g is a special place where there are different artists from all over the U.S.  Each month we post items that are exclusive to be found only at g&g.  And each month I am challenged to make something new.  Of course I love looking to see what the other vendors have made.  They inspire me and make me want to do a better job and sew up some exciting creations.

Soon the website will be updated.  Shoppers will be able to buy directly from the site.  Which is a great new feature to go with a totally new look.

And to go with the new look, the g&g blog is also going through another great change.   Each day there will be a different blogger writing on a specific subject.  You can find me there every Thursday where I have been invited to write about my thrifty outings.

I'll be sharing with you where I shop, what I buy, and what I make of it.  It has become another fun challenge for me and a great opportunity to encourage you to get out there and look at things in a new way, with a new perspective on thrifty living.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

summer baby

I have been on a sewing hiatus this week.  It seems like every time I do a show, I spend a week or so picking up the huge mess I made in my sewing room.   And I do end up spending a lot of time on my computer.  I just can't seem to step away from it!

So today my girlfriend and great neighbor, Kathryn stopped over.  The 5th grade teacher at the elementary school is having a baby.  And she came over to pick out a present.  Which is a lot of fun because Kathryn used to be textile designer.  She loves to look through my fabrics and she always picks out something that I haven't used yet.  And then she uses it in fun combination's or just unexpected ways.

Which is great that she uses what I already have.  I often buy fabric with no idea of what I will make with it.  And what she picked is this fresh, summery fabric.  I always thought I would make a special dress with a little white peter pan collar with it.  Now, it will be a classic baby onesie and minky blanket combo.  I will also be making up a set for my shop, if you're interested :)  I'll also show you a new photo when I'm done.

Monday, March 16, 2009

pillowcase contest

I have so much to share with you this week.  Besides this new book being out,  I have tid bits of other katie jean news to share with you.  I hope to post daily this week! Here is the first part of my fun news:  Lark Books asked me to be a judge for their new pillowcase contest! I wish I could participate in the contest myself, but this way I get to see what everyone is making!!  I hope to see a lot of creative sewers out there :)

So here is just some of the info you need to be a part of this new pillowcase challenge!  Check it out and have fun with it.  Make something that you have always wanted to make, but this time use a pillowcase.  Plus if you win the contest, you receive 10 books from Lark.  Who wouldn't love 10 free books.  Here are the rules.  Good luck!!

The common pillowcase is experiencing a creative transformation thanks to savvy crafters just like you. That’s right, those old pillow toppers are being repurposed into everything from fashionable clothing and accessories to chic home d├ęcor items.

To celebrate our new book Craft Challenge- Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase we are hosting a Pillowcase Challenge Contest!
Three lucky winners will receive a copy of Craft Challenge- Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase and 9 more of Lark’s newest, most indie-wonderful craft titles.

To enter for a chance to win please read the rules and then send the following to pillowcase@larkbooks.com

  • One digital image of your re-purposed pillowcase

  • First and Last Name

  • Email Address

Contest entry period runs from March 6th through April 30th, 2009.

Friday, March 13, 2009

in the garden

Since I have joined Heather's March of the Tools I have seen tools everywhere in my life.  Stuff that I always use, like my computer, and never think of it as a tool.  Only what is kept in the garage is a tool right?  Not right.

Should I share a picture with you of my tv remote, my camera, my nail file.  All tools.  I'm thinking any thing that I use with my hands to do work is a tool.  Do you agree?  Would that include my purse?

Well, here is something that is a real tool, that I do keep in my garage.  And it is something that I do really enjoy using because of it's uniqueness.

These are the best for getting up the weeds.   Someone once told me they were French.  I have no idea.  I also don't know how I now have three of them.  But since I have three kids, I'm glad that I do.   Maybe I need one more for me :)

Can you tell spring is here?  I hope my 3 keep thinking that weeding is fun.  When I get these out, they all want one.  And the bucket is the other perfect companion for the weeding.  Makes the clean up easy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

march with heather

I hope you know Heather Bailey.  And if you don't, you really need to get to know her!  She is the designer and creator of some of the most beautiful fabrics.  And the inventor of trash ties.  She is super model beautiful and a mom to boot!

Since it's March, Heather is hosting a great blog play along called March of the Tools.  Where everyone is sharing photos of their favorite tools.  Crafty or not.  Which sounds like so much fun.  I hope you're into it too.  There's even a flickr group.  And you know I'm a flickr addict.

As a matter of fact, my birthday was in January.  And guess what I got?  Tools!  So, you'll see some of those soon :)  Join me in the fun!

Monday, March 9, 2009

something new

I have a new website!  Thanks to site designer, Amy Cluck, it is just as I wanted it to be.  Have fun looking around and be sure to check back often.  I will be spending the next few days (maybe weeks) updating the site with new photos of my katie jean creations.  Enjoy!


Friday, March 6, 2009

can you believe it?

First Saturday is here!  Well, it is tomorrow..

I will be at the Indie Sacramento craft show.  I truly love this show.  I will be selling my new book and signing copies.  I have a limited supply right now, so if you want one, come early :)

And in true pillowcase repurposing spirit, I have cut up and sewn up some new creations using my own thrifted stash of pillowcases.  Here's a little peak.

These are little bags made with spring in mind.  They are inspired by Easter and ready to help your little one with their Easter egg hunt.  They are also fabulous for a day out shopping for handmade crafts!

Come and see my little bags  (and me) in person at:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what everyone wants to know

What are you doing tonight?  It's Wednesday and ANTM is on.  And it's a new season!

My early favorites are Flo (the one with freckles), Kortine (the + size), Aminat (with the fantastic fro) and Celia (the oldest at 25)  And I have a huge crush on Nigel Barker.  Who doesn't right! right?

Check out all of the awful drama on the CW!

Monday, March 2, 2009

my birdie friend

blue-birdie-bannerMy thrifty and crafty friend Diane is celebrating her blogiversary!  Just visit her blog to check out the rules and see all of the cute stuff she is giving away.  She is giving everyone four chances to win.  Isn't she generous!

And beginning March 8th another wonderful blog, Glitter and Grunge, will also be hosting a giveaway.  G&G is sporting a new look and will be celebrating its debut with many of the vendors hosting a little gifty giveaway.  Including me, but you have to wait a few days to see this one.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

and the winner is...

(Saying that reminds me of the Oscars)  Thank you all who left comments and were so sweet in your congratulations for my being published in the fun new book, Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase. 

What you really want to hear is who won the book giveaway.  The winner is Sarah.  She is a real sweetie and I have been reading her blog for awhile now.  So go and visit her, hopefully we'll be seeing some new pillowcase creations from her soon!

Last week I did some quick thrifting at my local shop.  My kids were with me and they love picking out a little something for themselves.  Nothing usually too interesting.  But I loove what I found!

This is a wooden tray with a nice wicker trime that I paid $3. for.  I think I will paint it and decoupage something on it.

My kids hate this clown!  But I love him!  Someone handpainted the plywood cutout.  I want to use it for my display.  Paid $3.

A before pic of the cradle. 

Thanks for looking at my photos!  And thanks again to all who visited my site during my book giveaway.  You are the best!