Thursday, April 28, 2011

thrifty adventures

Look what I found! Something that I had never seen before! Isn't that a real treat? It's a beautiful piece of 2 yards of blue fabric, sold as a remnant.

I just love the whole packaging. The string wrap closure and the labeling. It didn't have a price on it, so the shop sold it to me for the original marked price on the packet of 79 cents.

And I just love their business logo. See how the needle and thread make up the name Rother's. And the phone number is LYtell 3-9211.

It also says "The most complete fabric and sewing store". Plus they had sewing classes. Which I love! And I guess they taught how to sew on Knit -n- Stretch fabric. Polyester?

Plus I bought this little packet of notions for $2. More than the blue silk fabric! But the seam bindings and ric rac is always a must for me to buy. You may never know when you will need them.

Did you have any unexpected finds at the thrift store this week? Please visit Stacey at Pill's Place to see what she found, and join our link party here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have been working off and on this little quilt for a month now. After seeing my stitching on the quilt, my friend calls it Subway Tiles. Cute name! This quilt came to be from a Modern Quilt Guild Challenge. We were given a stack of Robert Kauffman charm squares solids, and I paired some of mine with a pretty Amy Butler print. When I am totally finished, I'll show you more. I'm doing the binding right now. It should be done by this weekend!

And I just had to share some of my Easter pictures with you! These are my 3 beauties. And every Easter our little church has this wooden cross, and during the service, everyone covers it in these gorgeous spring flowers.

Then it is taken out front for all to see. And I just can't resist taking pictures of our family in front of it. This one is of my mom, daughter, and me. I hope you enjoyed your spring holiday as well!

Monday, April 25, 2011


My 21st wedding anniversary is this week. So I bought myself a little present. Ain't it cool! And it is just right for tucking into my pocket.

It is just what I need, perfect for my upcoming trip to Salt Lake City! Yup, I'm going to my first Spring Market. Meeting up with my sisters. I am so excited to see them in 2 1/2 weeks! We'll be the girls giggling in the back of the class.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I shed some tears

This is my 12 year old boy. Yes, he just got braces. Last Tuesday. And I cried a little bit at the dentist office when he was getting his braces put on. I cried those "my baby is growing up" tears. Those tears that I thought I would never be that kind of mom who would cry those kind of tears. But I did.

I thought of him as a baby, all arms and legs, long and lanky. I thought of the 3 years of tears I cried, trying to get pregnant with him. How he used to always hold my hand, and was so shy.
Now he is almost a teen. On his way to adult hood. With me always encouraging him in his building and creativity. And still so thankful that he always asks me to tuck him in at night. My favorite part of the day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

thrifty adventures

I am writing my thrifty adventures post even later than Stacey did hers. It is actually Friday and I am still going to post this as a Thursday. Tricky me.

I went to the thrift shop this week with my girl friend and my 3 beauties. She actually found this plate and was going to put it back. Then she said it was Texas Ware. Which I kind of have a thing for. I actually have a little bowl that is Texas Ware and is just wonderfully awful! You know what I mean?

And if you love to thrift, I'm sure you do understand. You buy things that you love and hope others won't judge you for that love. Have you found anything awful lately? Remember to visit Stacey to see her cute finds.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a vote

I was checking through all of my blog stats yesterday when I noticed something new. I was added to a list of Top 25 Mom blogs. Right now I have just 7 votes. With a bunch of blogs ahead of mine. But I thought I would ask you to vote for me any way!

Go have a look because there are a lot of other cute blogs on there too. You can vote for me just once a day, until May 2nd. Thanks!

vintage empire

I wanted to introduce you to Adrienne of The Vintage Empire, my booth neighbor at the Roseville Antique Market. We have been neighbors for the last three shows. And every time, I come home with a new and unique necklace. Whenever I wear them, I get compliments, and people always ask if it's vintage.

Adrienne is a girl after my own heart and uses vintage elements for her creations. They are made for both the girly girl and the rocker girl. Which I love that they appeal to the diversity of her shoppers.

Adrienne is now also making hats and hair bands. Plus leather cuffs with vintage brooch pins. And you can always find her dyed slips where she adds a bit of extra lace.

The Vintage Empire will also be at the Farm Chicks show this summer! Which is such a huge event. If you go, find Adrienne to say hello. You will come home with a few pieces that you will treasure, season after season.

Monday, April 18, 2011


There are some pictures from my Sunday show in Roseville for The Tattered House show. It was such a gorgeous day. Meeting some blog friends and seeing some faces that I recognized from previous shows. It was great seeing them all!

Shoppers loved seeing this vintage changing table that I use for display. And even though this vintage 1973 Fisher Price Activity Center didn't sell, everyone had to stop and play with it. Oh the childhood memories!

This is my display of shirts and onesies. Everyone really likes looking for their favorite monogram.

I sold this scrappy log cabin doll quilt. It was the first quilt that I ever made!
I also sold my selvage edge pin cushions. I will be making more of those! And my vintage planters were cute all set out together. I want to plant up a few of them with succulents.

Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to my booth neighbor, The Vintage Empire. Love her!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

thrifty adventures

I am the girl who likes to look through the patterns at the thrift. Not usually for the patterns themselves, but the pictures. And I love the guy pictures especially! Would you marry a guy, much less date him, if he wore a cape? I like to be the fancy one when we go out. And the guys in their pj's are just a little aloof and sexy!

But when I saw this pattern, I let out a little inner squeal. It was because of the print fabric.

I have a pillow that I made, all hand stitched, using the same fabric. My mom had made an outfit for my sisters, and there was this bit that she had left over. I've had this pillow since about 1976.

When my family moved, my best friend drew me a picture on this little bit of silk. It says "Katie C. is my best friend". And I have just gotten back in touch with this childhood friend last week. Linda Jo is going to get a giggle when she sees this pillow! I wonder if she is going to remember drawing it for me.

See the importance of thrift shopping! It truly touches lives :) What did you find this week? Remember to visit Stacey to see her thrifty goodies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I know I have been saving these little selvage edges of my fabrics for some reason!

These are pincushions of course! All remnants from my fabric favorites, like Little Menagerie.

Heather Bailey, Church Flowers. This one also says Summer Fun!

Girly Girl fabric from a Modern Quilt Guild meeting challenge.

More Melanie Hurlston. Don't you just love the scissor charms? From my sis of course. Can you see some of your fabric faves in there too?

And the back of the pincushions. I used a different square of Mary Engelbreit fabric on each one.

See them Sunday at the Roseville Antique Market. 8 am -4 pm.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

little treats

I have been inspired by scrapbooking.

I do not scrap book. I have enough problems storing my fabric.

But I do save and gather bits and pieces of papers and ribbons, and such.

So I gathered them all together and sorted each little piece.

And wrapped them up. Ready for Sunday's sale, just a few dollars. Just for you.

And please visit Domestic Fashionista to say hello to Ashley and read the nice interview she did of me.

Monday, April 11, 2011

spring antique market

I'm getting ready for an upcoming show in Roseville. So I am busy at my home studio sewing new items each day! Now if only my kids will cooperate.

baby bib

Check back daily as I will be sharing my new items that I am making daily in preparation for next Sunday.
reverse side of bib

Thursday, April 7, 2011

thrifty adventures

Yes, I buy vintage sewing books. They are a little hard to resist. I just love them for the pictures and graphics alone. And just look at all the wonderful things you can learn from 1980.

How to pack for a 5 day trip. This will help since I'm going to Salt Lake City in May to see my sisters. I am already packing in my mind, deciding what to wear, and what else I may need to buy before I leave.

You can teach your little cute pixie friend how to slay dragons and teach your cat not to scratch at your polyester pants. This might even be some great inspiration for a halloween costume. I would just need a bigger spool. Like to my ankles.

And from 1972 look at all the things you could learn. I especially love the doll over the toilet paper. It's a classic.

A perfect hostess gift. Just crochet a poodle to cover a good bottle of whiskey and pop on over to your neighbors house. You will be welcome back anytime. And maybe each time you can crochet a different animal for each bottle you bring. Crochet a menagerie of bottles for the bar.

Make a tulle swan for your daughter's bed. Or maybe it's a swan hat. Perfect for a sweet 16 birthday present. Nothing else says I love you, like scratchy pink tulle.

And who wouldn't love a fur rat doorstop! I think it would be made a little cuter if it was called a mouse. Mice are cute. Rats, not so much. My 6 year old daughter actually wants to make this. I bet she thinks it's a mouse too.

This is a 1975 book of things to make for children. Not by them. Not even with them. But it does have some great stuff. Sure to keep you busy, making things for your children.

Just look at this doll house! It's nicer than the house I live in. I bet the doll's even dress better than I do. Wouldn't this be great to find at a thrift though. Or more likely an estate sale.

And a patchwork dog. I know I have seen this on etsy. Too bad this picture isn't in color. The fabric looks fantabulous!

Did you know that more than 25 million Americans hunt for antiques. What did you find this week? Link up here and just post our button on your blog post or sidebar. And check out Stacey's great finds. She took me around last week to some of her favorite thrift shops.