Thursday, May 21, 2009

just one more

I promise! maybe.   I just couldn't resist sharing this one last photo with you.

I saw this 1964 program at the Sacramento Antique Faire.  Don't you just love her sparklie pants!

This fabric is baby circus! I'm making a cuddle blanket and matching onesie out of this.  The blanket will be backed with either pink or yellow minky.  I have to see what I have enough of to use first.

And these are just some of the new eye pillows that I've made for HP.  Can't you just smell the lavender?  The pillow is also filled with some organic flaxseed to give it a little more weight.  I love making these because I like using up my fabric scraps, mixing and matching them is like color therapy.  And I really like making a little something that a mom can have for herself when she gets something for her baby, or her friends baby.

Come and see me on Saturday, k?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the big top

My lunch out with my girl started out innocent enough.  We ate our favorite lunch out at New Castle Produce.  It's so good!  Local produce all organic.  They make the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.

While we were sitting there eating, I look around at their shelves full of great treats and see this:

Now do you believe me?  I am seeing circus.  It's everywhere!  I just love the drawing on these packages.  Aren't they so cute.  Can you just see me taking pictures of this stuff?  What is that girl doing??  I know that I'm not alone in this though!  Remember don't leave home without your camera.

Here is my other set that I made for Handmade Parade using my circus themed fabric.  The set includes a cuddle blanket, burp cloth, and oneise.

Both of these circus fabrics are by designer Anna Griffin.  She also has a line of paper products.  She has the circus bug too!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in the circus

It seems like I have been seeing more circus themed items all around me lately.  Remember my thrifted clown?  Well I also have a few different pieces of circus themed fabric.

I love this one so much.  I can see a whole kids room decorated based on this fabric.  Pink and white striped walls, canopy bed.  Funky green carpet!

This is a new baby set that I made especially for Handmade Parade.  It features a burp cloth, onesie, and cuddle blanket.  The blanket measures 18x22.  I made it smaller to fit over baby in the stroller or carseat so it doesn't have to be folded over to fit correctly.  Later when the baby gets bigger they can use it to wrap up their dolly or favorite stuffed elephant.

I'll have another set of circus themed fabric to show you tomorrow!

Monday, May 18, 2009

saturday specials

I will be showing you photos this week of some of my new items that I have made just for the Saturday Handmade Parade.

These are my hanky apron tops.  They are perfect to be worn with a little white skirt or to dress a pair of denim shorts.  These are so satisfying for me to make.  I love going through my hanky stash and matching them up with the tops.  I especially like using the black and white gingham ribbon.  I think it's a perfect foil against the floral hanky.  It cuts down on the sugary sweetness, giving the hanky a fresh look.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

black and white

Thanks Diane!!  I got your package, sat down and had some much needed mom time!  (My hub had been in OR for 5 days).  I actually had 3 kids having a temper tantrum all at once, for all totally unrelated reasons.  Good times, good times.

I won Diane's blog-a-versary giveaway and was surprised with all sorts of black and white crafty fun.  My girl saw this scarfe and immediately came over saying "mine, mine, mine!".    I was fine with that as long as I could keep the smell good soap and napkins, pillowcase, and aida fabric.  The bracelet is especially sweet too and is a perfect way to remind me to read!

The cutest handmade flower head band.

Diane knows me well, and knows what I like.  So it was so fun to receive this special gift in the mix of mommy craziness!  Thank you my little birdie friend.

Diane also has some other black and white news that she is sharing over at her blog.  All of a different sort than usual.  Can you guess?

spring & summer market

The new Vintage Indie Market is now open!  It is the perfect place to find all sorts of vintage goodies.  You will find the cutest set of vintage canisters for your kitchen, pillows for your couch, and jewels for your neck!

And of course you will see katie jean.  My little baby booties and matching bags are featured in my shop.   Each one is made using vintage linens.  They are so bright and cheery!  And are perfect for the hip little baby who needs a little something to keep their toes warm and stylin'.

Have fun, and add a bit of vintage to your day!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I have been sick since last night and have been online between sleeping and sneezing.  I came across some great ideas about what to tweet and some how to tweet inspiration on  She sounds like a great crafty girl.  Enjoy it!

I'm still kinda new to twitter.  You know about it?  I like the whole mini blog idea of it.  Quick and to the point.

And since I don't have any tweet photos for you, I thought I would just show you this.My hub making friends in Oregon.  He's the one on the right!

Friday, May 8, 2009

my etsy

There always seems like so much work for me to be doing.  It's always something.  And I happen to forget one of the most important things about my business.  Sales.

I hope you don't think that's a bad word.  Just a necessity.  I love what I make, and want to keep on making what I love.  So, the "S" word is kinda important.

I often forget to set aside time to take pictures and then upload the pictures that I do have.  And it's important to keep those photo's updated to keep those "s" coming!  Well you know that I have been thinking about my photos and having retrieval problems all week.

Today I was a good girl!  I spent time getting some photos up in my shop of one of the first bibs that I've made.  This is some of the fun that I had on big huge labs.

This bib is now in my shop for $12.00.  I can also do a special order for a onesie, cuddle blanket, or burpie, if anyone is interested.  :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My computer was getting overloaded with all my pic's.  So, I was cleaning it up.  Then my hub was cleaning it up.  They always want things to go faster.  And he messed it up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Now I can't get to my pic's at all.

But, here is my collage!  I don't know what happened that I couldn't find it.  So I just tried again and here it is.   I also wanted to show you the few photos from my crazy weekend.  But I can't.  boo hoo.  So instead you can look at this flickr group.

Next up for katie jean is Handmade Parade.  I have been looking forward to this event for weeks!  There will be a ton of new vendors there that I haven't met yet.  So lots of fun shopping will be had by all!

It will also be a family event!  There will be facepainting, make & takes, and demos.  I really do get a kick out of seeing kids at these events.  They are usually really surprised by how many things people make by hand and sell as part of a business.  I can see the wheels turning in their brain, wondering at this alternative career.  My own kids do this to me quite often too!

See you there!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Learning something new is sometimes a little hard.  I think this computer stuff comes a little easier to some others, than it does to me!

Well, I spent this morning learning a little something new.  I finally went onto picnik.  It reminds me of the early days of me learning to navigate my way around flickr.  Which I love so much now!

And I still can't figure out how to make a cute collage!  But I will!! In the meantime, here is a plain old photo of a cute pair of pants that I just listed in my shop.

The fabric is new, and I added a little vintage crochet trim.  The trim is from a vintage dresser scarf that I had saved and was no longer in it's original perfect condition.  The two came together for a perfect match.   Size 2T.

Wish me well in my continued search for picnik knowledge :)