Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in the circus

It seems like I have been seeing more circus themed items all around me lately.  Remember my thrifted clown?  Well I also have a few different pieces of circus themed fabric.

I love this one so much.  I can see a whole kids room decorated based on this fabric.  Pink and white striped walls, canopy bed.  Funky green carpet!

This is a new baby set that I made especially for Handmade Parade.  It features a burp cloth, onesie, and cuddle blanket.  The blanket measures 18x22.  I made it smaller to fit over baby in the stroller or carseat so it doesn't have to be folded over to fit correctly.  Later when the baby gets bigger they can use it to wrap up their dolly or favorite stuffed elephant.

I'll have another set of circus themed fabric to show you tomorrow!

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