Monday, August 31, 2009

antique show

Glitter and Grunge will be participating in this antique show in Roseville.

And I will be there too! Sharing a booth of course.  The following day after the market I will be taking the train with two of my kids and their grandfather to Disneyland.  But that is another story/blog post.

Claire and I went to the first Roseville Antique Market and had a great time.  There were some familiar faces, and some great new ones too.  I bought a brown trasferware plate and a vintage chenille blanket (to cut up).

The quality of vendors is high.  The Tattered House, who sponsors the event, screens all their sellers very well to make sure there is good quality of shopping to be done.  There are some real creative and fun booths.  My favorite had to be one seller who had her little trailer all fixed up inside like a little boutique shop.  Just adorable.

This is a little bit of the swag that I will be handing out at the day of the event.  They are strips of beautiful and colorful vintage linens.  When you come to the Glitter and Grunge booth and make a little purchase, you will get one of these packages, or something else from another G&G vendor.  I hope to see you there!

Friday, August 28, 2009

happy birthday!

My girl turned 5 yesterday!  Happy Birthday beauty :)

And my boy turned 11 this month too!  We have 3 birthday's in August.  Aren't kids just great. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

christmas in july

Once upon a time Glitter and Grunge sponsored a swap.  Well, it was in July.  I participated and finally got my things sent out in the mail to the wonderful Brittany.  She has the cutest blog name too!  Sweet Sassy Molassy.  Cute, huh?  Well she is just as cute as her blog name.  She loves thrifting, crafting, and her family.  My kind of girl.

Here is a little glimpse of what I sent to her.

I got so lucky at a little shop in Auburn.  The owner had the Holiday Greeting tags that I thought was a perfect start for the swap box.  Then I found the handmade snowman brooch at another Auburn shop.  It is on the large side, so I think that just makes it that much more fun!

The Merry Christmas fabric is some that I bought last year.  I just fell in love with the fun retro print.  I made a fun Christmas pillowcase using it and two other coordinating fabrics.

There are bits of vintage ribbon and cards too.  Can you see the poinsetta fabric?  That's one of my vintage handkerchiefs.  I cut it in half and stitched it up making a white Christmas stocking.

Cheerio Brittany!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

a jump for joy

I dance, sing a little song, jump, and just make my kids laugh at me for acting like a goof.  And today that is just what I did!

It was so simple.  My jump for joy.  I got my flickr back today! It makes me so happy!  I love the flickr community.  The photos, friends, inspiration.  I have been cut off from it all for almost three weeks.

[caption id="attachment_1369" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="on vacation at Lake Tahoe"]on vacation at Lake Tahoe[/caption]

My hub did some upgrades to my computer.  Which was great, because it was going really slow.  It was Murphy's Law.  Whenever something gets fixed, something else will break down.  My computer forgot my flickr password, and so had I.

But today it is all good.  My kids got to see my little dance, and hear my funny song.  And now I got my flickr back (sounds like a Justin Timberlake song).  So to celebrate with me check out my flickr.  I will be on it all day, probably not getting any other work done.  I'll be sharing a ton of photo's that have been waiting very patiently for their day of flickr fame.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

post party

You know I think I am still recovering from my husband's birthday party that we held in our home over two weeks ago!  There are still birthday cards on the counter, and thank you cards to write.   Plus a ton of beer and wine left unopened!

All of my new serving pieces that I had to have, are all put away.  That was a big challenge for me.  I don't have a lot of kitchen space.  So, I got to clean out my cabinets.  Which I think feels like I've lost weight.  I wish that actually worked!

The prep for the party was filled with days of running around town.  My sisters were staying at my house so that made everything a lot easier.  I relied on their opinion for everything!  Even lipstick.  Which we all know is a big decision to make on one's own.

The kids put up with our shopping at the mall.  See's Candies doesn't hurt either!  We got a lot of great decorating ideas at Pottery Barn.

We went to Gram's Ranch.  While the boys climbed in the trees,

Katie, Mary, Judith

the girls were busy cutting olive branches that we were to use in all of the floral arrangements.

Isn't it beautiful? My wonderful and talented neighbor Ralph made these beautiful arrangements for each table.  The flowers were the perfect finishing touch!

Mary, Katie, Judith, Donna (our mom)

And here we are all in the midst of the party.  Can you tell we are related?  That is my husband Jeff in the right corner of the pic.  We were having such a good time, that I didn't take any other pictures.  I do have one of a friend climbing the fence, but I'm holding onto that one!

Thank you to my dear friends and family who were such a large part in making the evening a success!  I had such a great night.  And most importantly, Jeff had a great time celebrating 50!  I love you babe.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

finally out

I have been busy doing a ton of party planning that I haven't blogged forever.  Did you miss me?

Well, I finally got out of the house for a little fun with my sister Mary.  We had to check out The Tin Thimble while she was here of course!  And she encouraged me to buy this fabric.

Which really goes great with my kitchen.  This is just the perfect fabric for napkins.  Which I do really need.  I just had friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and all I had were my fancy white damask napkins.  This fabric is just my style, fun and whimsical.  Just like me!

Now off to sew!  What are you up to?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

craft and me

I won honorable mention from the CRAFT contest and giveaway!  I am so pleased that they liked my little vintage inspired swim suit cover up.  I was actually jumping up and down I was so excited about it!!

I think a big part of my win was my fabulous model :)  I just love her!  Thanks also to all of you that sent me congratulations, you're the best!