Monday, August 31, 2009

antique show

Glitter and Grunge will be participating in this antique show in Roseville.

And I will be there too! Sharing a booth of course.  The following day after the market I will be taking the train with two of my kids and their grandfather to Disneyland.  But that is another story/blog post.

Claire and I went to the first Roseville Antique Market and had a great time.  There were some familiar faces, and some great new ones too.  I bought a brown trasferware plate and a vintage chenille blanket (to cut up).

The quality of vendors is high.  The Tattered House, who sponsors the event, screens all their sellers very well to make sure there is good quality of shopping to be done.  There are some real creative and fun booths.  My favorite had to be one seller who had her little trailer all fixed up inside like a little boutique shop.  Just adorable.

This is a little bit of the swag that I will be handing out at the day of the event.  They are strips of beautiful and colorful vintage linens.  When you come to the Glitter and Grunge booth and make a little purchase, you will get one of these packages, or something else from another G&G vendor.  I hope to see you there!


Emma Farrell said...

I'm so excited to go! Mom and I are looking forward to being customers this time around!

Mary said...

Bring one to Houston so I can see what you are doing. They look so cute.