Monday, September 28, 2009


So I guess that I was the last mom in Lincoln to have taken her kids to Disneyland.  That's what it sounded like to me weeks before we left on our trip.  I honestly didn't understand all of the hype and excitement.  What was the big deal.  Isn't it just another amusement park?

Now I get it.  And now I am already saving money up for my next trip.  I want to visit every Disney location.  Euro Disney, Tokyo Disney, Disneyworld.  Any place else?

My girl went right up to Mickey, and Pooh Bear, and Eyeore, and Tigger.  I was so surprised.  Her shyness was gone for the moment when she saw those character's that she is so familiar with.  And quickly went to each of them for a hello and a hug.

Grandfather made this trip possible for us.  He is 88 and swears this is his last trip away from home.  He had just come to Anaheim from the Grand Canyon.  He has really been all over the world and I'm sure that if he can get on the train, he will be out the door again soon!

Once my kids got their ears, I told them that they had to wear them to get on all of the rides.  They didn't pick up on the fact that I wasn't wearing any myself.  And the night we went out to IHOP, I told them that they would get a free glass of water for wearing their ears too.  I know, I'm bad.  But aren't they so cute!

Thanks to all of my friends and family for all of the Disney help.  Especially Gram who watched my Q when I was gone. And thank you to Beth and Grandfather for making the trip with us that much more fun to share it with you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

just a recap

Before I tell you about Disneyland, I wanted to tell you about the Roseville show.  It was great!  Our booth looked great and was well attended.  The Tattered House girls put together a terrific event with great shoppers and fantastic sellers.

This is just a few of the items from the Glitter and Grunge table.  Vintage patterns, papers, full of scrap booking and collage fun.

These are just a few of the little bits of goodness from my side of the table.  The little Get Well Soon card sold.  Isn't it just the cutest!

Claire at the G&G table helping customers.  See the collage work, it's done by artist Alexa Lett.

I had a ton of aprons for sale.  And they were really well received.  I also borrowed the mannequin from Claire and dressed it in a groovy dress that I bought in San Francisco on Haight Street.  The mannequin is also wearing a bag from newest Glitter and Grunge artist Julie aka Ona.

I walked through the other booths and saw this.  My son's initials! Since my days doing calligraphy I can't resist all sorts of lettering.

Some more handmade goodness, and it's vintage.  Aren't they just beautiful.  Jewelry is so popular right now, so I am trying to wear more.  I'll have to show you a photo of the rings that I bought at this show.

But for now, I'll just show you this perfect bag.  Julie pulled out this bag that she handmade and I grabbed it right away!  It was just what I needed for my Disney trip.  A few people even commented on how they liked it!  You can now see her other work as the newest artist to join Glitter & Grunge.

Friday, September 18, 2009

little pillows

These little pillows are made especially to soothe your eyes and your brain.  They are filled with lavender and organic flaxseed.  So you can relax and rid yourself of that headache or just have a little time out by yourself.

I was inspired by Melly and Me when I learned how to make one of their quilt squares using only scraps.  And that is how these eye pillows came to be.  I have such a good time going through my bags of scraps now and mixing and matching.  It's great color therapy.


Aren't all of these colors just delicious.  I never get tired of looking at them.  Silly, I know! 

I hope to post again tomorrow with some other new creations to show you before the Roseville show on Sunday.  But after that it will be a week before you hear from me again.  I am leaving on Monday for Disneyland.  So have a great week!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my ironing

Would you like to see what I have been busy cleaning and ironing?

Now can you just guess what this is?

This one has a beautiful pocket with ric rac trim.

This one is super colorful with a rainbow of sewn on strips of fabric.

These are all photos of the vintage aprons that I have been collecting.  Some of these I bought just for the fabric.  They never got cut up though.  Probably because these aprons are all in great condition.  So it became a collection without me really knowing it.

I still have about five more aprons that need to be ironed.  Getting ready for my booth this Sunday!  I think they will all look wonderful hanging together.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

whose got the button

These are all fabric covered buttons!  Aren't they just the cutest :D  I have been wanting to make these for the longest time.  So on Saturday I finally did.

There is a variety of sizes too.  I think it would be cute to replace just one button on a coat.  Or stitch it onto an otherwise plain bag.  I attached a bit of ribbon too, so they can be used as a gift card for a lucky friend.

I'm selling these first on Sunday.  Come see my if you want one!  Just $1. each.

Monday, September 14, 2009

grab bags

I went to a great backyard sale on Friday and picked up some fun things to share with you!

I made up some fun bags filled with different bits of fun just for those who like to collage and scrapbook.  They are filled with paper flowers, ribbon, buttons, glitter, vintage pics, story book pages, postage from France, pattern paper, paper flowers, iron on's, valentines, bingo cards, paperdolls and little trinkets.

Each bag is different and so I varied the prices too.  $4 bags, $3 bags, and $2 bags.  I put these together for my upcoming show in Roseville this Sunday.  If any are left they will then go to my glitter and grunge shop.

I am busy each day, getting together some new items.  So please check back tomorrow!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

baby jean

I added some new items to my organic etsy shop over the weekend.  I'm starting to sell my sets as individual pieces now.  So people can choose their price range a little easier.

This is the blue moon burp cloth set.  The blue fabric with brown stripes is flannel and the solid blue is sateen.  They are both backed with organic terry, soft and absorbent.

 Whispering Grass cuddle blanket.  This is my favorite pattern because it is gender neutral, but still pretty enough for Momma to love.  And this is one of my favorite colors too.

If organic is important to you than these fabrics will be a treat .  I do love vintage, but I have never felt anything softer.  Organic fleece is what I use for the back of the blankets and the don't pill up like other fleece.  And they feel like the most expensive of cashmere.

These fabrics are designed here in California by Harmony Art.  Look over at her website to learn more about organics and see some of her new fabric patterns.  Let me know your favorites!

baby jean organics - fresh, green, fun!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Busy day today.  I have been sewing up these little yo-yo's for a few days.  Now I am sewing them onto some little cards.  More fun swag for you!  The yo-yo's can be either cut off and used else where, or just use them as cute little cards!

See you in Roseville.  :)