Wednesday, May 13, 2015

spell it

This quilt originally appeared on the Moda blog in February 2014.

I shared this idea on Instagram.
And everyone wanted to sew this quilt too!

But no one was really interested in looking up all of the letters.  So I did it. No big deal, I thought. But it did end up taking me about 2 hours to hunt each one down and print them out! 

After much thought about what fabrics I wanted to use. I decided to use my Bonnie & Camille stash. I love this fabric line because the new fabrics and their older prints always go together so well!  I still want it to look scrappy.  So I will be using different background fabrics, not always white. And different sashing fabrics too. 

Folding my squares in half and hitting them with an iron is a little tip that I saw on Missouri Star Quilt one day. I do love my Frixon pen, but this was quick when I was getting the rest of my fabrics together.

Here is my finished A. I love this red! So gorgeous.

And here are two different choices for my sashing.  Still trying to decide what to use.

Here is the A from Comfort Stitching. Aneela Hoey has the cutest of fabrics!  You will also find the PDF for this letter on her page here.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

My dad used to tell us the story how he met Colonel Sanders.  He sat next to him at a movie, and they got to talking.  He told my dad that he had a great chicken recipe and wanted to open restaurants. I always imagined him wearing this white suit when they met!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

operation comfort warrior

Getting ready to leave for Oregon

My husband, Jeff, is always training for a bike ride.  This summer he had plans for a cross country ride to support Operation Comfort Warrior.  Yes... had.

Training with the team in Oregon

Some of you know that my husband had a big bike accident.  He is always training for a ride.  And on this day he was doing a 20 mile bike ride. I will spare you the gory pictures, but he needed 53 stitches to his face, and has a fractured nose.

This is himself and his new bike helmet, sent from my sister Judith. His face is healing up nicely (he had a great plastic surgeon do the stitches). But the rest of him is taking its time. Still moving slowly and has some balance problems too.

So, yes... I am feeling very thankful that I am home now to take care of him.  The timing is amazing.

Friday, May 8, 2015

This was a bittersweet day.

Two of my beauties came with me to the shop.  Seeing it for the last time.  It looked very much like it did when I first moved in.

My wonderful friends also came
and helped take down my cute signs, and fixtures.

My girl is still tiny enough to fit into
some of the small empty spaces.

And so many of what little was left.  Filled up three cars.  Lots was donated, shipped off, and some will be listed on my etsy site.

Monday, May 4, 2015

last days

In case you missed it ~ here is an update on the last few days of my shop:

Birdie came in to pick up our last donation of 34 Pillowcases for Soldiers. Thank you ladies for your hard work on these!

Some sweet ladies had a cupcake, lemonade, and a nice chat! I love that about my customers. Such a great friendly group of ladies.

And the shop sold out of pretty much everything! Thank you so much for coming in and shopping. Whatever I have left will be listed soon on my etsy site.  Plus some other handmade and vintage items.