Wednesday, May 13, 2015

spell it

This quilt originally appeared on the Moda blog in February 2014.

I shared this idea on Instagram.
And everyone wanted to sew this quilt too!

But no one was really interested in looking up all of the letters.  So I did it. No big deal, I thought. But it did end up taking me about 2 hours to hunt each one down and print them out! 

After much thought about what fabrics I wanted to use. I decided to use my Bonnie & Camille stash. I love this fabric line because the new fabrics and their older prints always go together so well!  I still want it to look scrappy.  So I will be using different background fabrics, not always white. And different sashing fabrics too. 

Folding my squares in half and hitting them with an iron is a little tip that I saw on Missouri Star Quilt one day. I do love my Frixon pen, but this was quick when I was getting the rest of my fabrics together.

Here is my finished A. I love this red! So gorgeous.

And here are two different choices for my sashing.  Still trying to decide what to use.

Here is the A from Comfort Stitching. Aneela Hoey has the cutest of fabrics!  You will also find the PDF for this letter on her page here.

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