Monday, March 24, 2014

comfort of home

Each month we have a Sew Night, open to all sewing abilities, to come to SKJ and sew pillowcases for soldiers. The pillowcases that we make in the shop are then sent over to our friend Birdie.  Who I met through Facebook, Adopt-A-Pillowcase For a Soldier.  Birdie gathers them all up with her own handmade pillowcases, personal messages, and candy, and mails them out.  Usually at her own expense.

And then this happens ~
I meet another person that I only know from Facebook.  Ms. Terrie who works for Delta Dental.  She came into my shop last week with a wonderful gift.  A check for $500. to send out our Pillowcases for Soldiers!!
Thank you to Terrie, Delta Dental, and everyone else who has made pillowcases! Thanks to all of your efforts, we are continuing to send out a piece of comfort and love from home.