Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh my!

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it on the couch, sick.  My mom came over and made a cake for me with my kids and we later ordered some Chinese food delivered.  Not too bad of a day.  I got plenty of rest and was cared for.

Today I am better.  I have spent most of the morning reading my facebook and catching up on emails.  Lastly I check the stats on my blog.  And holy cow! Almost 600 people visited my site yesterday!  Happy Birthday to me!

Most of this was because of Rachel at One Pretty Thing.  She featured my fancy girl headband too!  This is another fun site where all sorts of crafters are featured with tutorials, free downloads, and places to shop.

Thank you everyone for sending me the love on my birthday!  Your birthday wishes truly mean so much to me.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

time for visiting

My little tutorial of the fancy headband was featured this weekend on Totally Tutorials.  Such fun seeing it there!  Thank you to all who visited my blog for the first time.  And for those who know me well, be kind and visit this fun site!  I hope you are inspired to learn something new and fun to create.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

vintage sewing patterns

I wanted to share some of my collections with you.  And vintage patterns is something that I look for when I go to thrift shops.  I haven't been great about taking pictures of mine.  But here are some fun ones from flickr.

I just love seeing not only the clothes, but the hairstylyes and makeup.  The patterns made for guys are usually great ones too! 

I used to always buy the Brooke Shields patterns when I was in high school.  My Senior Ball dress was a Brooke pattern.  Am I telling you my age?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

over at G&G

I made another quick and easy tutorial.  This time it's some crafty cards.  You just need to visit glitter and grunge for the how-to's.   And fyi, they are also doing a Valentine Swap if you would like to join.  I did!  It's my second one, I just can't resist.

Monday, January 18, 2010

my morning

Today is stariting off a bit slowly this morning.  The rain outside isn't helping much either.  But luckily I have the Golden Globe pictures to look at online.  I usually don't watch this show on tv, since all I really care about is the attire.

Isn't Neil Patrick Harris still such a cutie!  And so is his boyfriend.  All of the gorgeous gowns and gorgeous couples are a great way to inspire me on an otherwise lack luster day.

p.s. Drew Berrymore would play me in the story of my life.  Who would play you?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

fancy tutorial

I was out shopping today at my favorite shop where I saw some sophisticated headbands.  Reminded me of my fancy ones!  And it also reminded me that I promised you a tutorial.  So here it is.  And if you make one or are inspired by one please, please, please send me a picture of it!  I would love to see it.

Remember the Design Team challenge was to use a little piece of jewelry that I already had.  So I pulled this little bit together.

Fancy Girls Headband

Supplies:  swiss dot fabric,  needle and thread, black headband, fabric glue, vintage jewelry pin

  • Cut a 2” strip from the swiss dot.  I used a 64” length.

  • With a needle and thread, sew a running stitch down the length of the fabric.  Then pull the end to gather slightly. Knot your thread and cut.  You can also do this with your sewing machine.

  • Position the gathered fabric onto your head band. Glue down the swiss dot.  I used fabric glue, but I think hot glue would work just as well.  Let dry the required amount of time.

  • Pick your little gems and position them wherever you like best on the headband.

  • My pin still had the clasp on the back, so I was able to pin it onto the headband.  I then went around and tacked it down for added security with a few extra hidden stitches.

Now it’s ready to wear about town in your fanciest party dress!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a bit of glitter

Now that it's January, I can share with you what I made for the Glitter and Grunge Design Team challenge.

It a headband made just for a fancy girl.  My model is just 5 year's old, but the headband is for a grown up girl.  So you can choose who gets to wear it.  Her age matter's not.

This headband is almost bridal.  It's made using vintage tulle and a vintage piece of jewelry. 

A little bit more of a dramatic version in black.  With just a bit of tulle and a paisley shaped pin.

And this last headband is one that I have to hide from my own girl.  She has to have her own!  The fabric is a pink hanky and the daisies are enamel from some cute 70's earings.

Would you like a tutorial?  That could be arranged.  And to see some other Design Team tutorial's just look to Glitter and Grunge for more glitter fun!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

my boy, my family, and a dog

My beauty turned 8 years old on December 18th and I finally have a photo to show you.

He is almost as big as his 11 year old brother, and weighs about 10 pounds more.  I look at him and can't believe he was born only 8 years ago.  This wonderful cake was provided by his Gram.  I love the hamburger cake!  Especially made with fries.

And here are my 3 crazy kids!  This was taken on Christmas eve after we went to the 7 p.m. church service.  The guitar was a birthday present.  I think his music lessons will have to start soon!

Please meet my father-in-law, Eldridge Trott.  He has been staying with us since early December.  He lives 3 hours north of us kind of remotely. So Grandfather will be staying with us for another month.  Maybe longer.  We're trying to talk him into moving here with us or with his daughter.

And his dog Sweetie.  She lives up to her name and is much loved!