Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a bit of glitter

Now that it's January, I can share with you what I made for the Glitter and Grunge Design Team challenge.

It a headband made just for a fancy girl.  My model is just 5 year's old, but the headband is for a grown up girl.  So you can choose who gets to wear it.  Her age matter's not.

This headband is almost bridal.  It's made using vintage tulle and a vintage piece of jewelry. 

A little bit more of a dramatic version in black.  With just a bit of tulle and a paisley shaped pin.

And this last headband is one that I have to hide from my own girl.  She has to have her own!  The fabric is a pink hanky and the daisies are enamel from some cute 70's earings.

Would you like a tutorial?  That could be arranged.  And to see some other Design Team tutorial's just look to Glitter and Grunge for more glitter fun!


Shannon said...

Oh, CUTE! What a great idea.

Mary said...

Another great idea from Katie Jean!

You have such talent and a very cute model.

Judith said...

Oh, my gosh. That is so cute! I love the black with the swoop. Give her her's so the rest of us can see!

Diane said...

Katie, Hi I was by earlier and spotted your
headbands, very cute. I was in a rush and did not take
the time to leave a comment. But I really liked these my favorite I think is the one with enamel daisy.
Because I LOVE the Vintage touch. Hugs, Diane