Thursday, June 26, 2008



We just got back from our little annual summer vacation at Lake Tahoe. It was so beautiful and the kids look forward to it each year. This year Molly even cried when we had to leave and go home, she was so sad.

at the pool

We rode bikes around Squaw Valley. Took a cable car ride (not the San Francisco kind) to High Camp, SV, hiked and played in a little bit of snow. The boys went fishing. Jeff barbqued dinner almost every night. And we all went swimming at the Tahoe City, Commons Beach.

lake tahoe

They also have a nice Thursday Farmer's Market at Tahoe City too. I saw a few of the Lincoln Farmer's Market vendors there as well. One of my favorites is a man named Raj, who sells Indian food. Really yummy mimosas (or is it simosas?). But, by the time I got there he was sold out. So I bought some naan and some garlic, artichoke spread to dip it in. All organic.

morning glory

Also in Tahoe City is a shop called Morning Glory. They sell some of my katie jean items there. I stopped in to see the owner Marcy, and her shop is hoppin'! Stop by to say hello. 620 North Lake Blvd. She has a ton of great things, some new, some vintage, some shabby, and some chic. All cute! She even has a back porch with some gardening things and furniture.

ohio art boat

Remember when I was at Morning Glory before with Q and he picked out a boat he just had to have? It was the start of his collection of Ohio Art. Now there are two. How is your summer going?

Friday, June 13, 2008

baby jean organics

I know (hope) you've seen some of my flickr pictures of baby jean. And I am so excited about it! These are some of the softest fabrics that I have ever seen. The softest that I have ever used. I have really enjoyed cutting into it. And here is the info on organic and what makes it special...

Organic cotton starts from the beginning. Seeds are left untreated without insecticides and are not genetically modified. Crop rotation is used to build strong healthy soil so no fertilizers are needed. The soil also retains water more efficiently thanks to the increased organic matter in the soil. Weeds are physically removed rather than using herbicides to kill weeds. Organic pest control is used by having beneficial insects. To harvest the cotton in an organic way relies on the seasonal freeze for defoliation, not on toxic chemicals. Conventional farming devours roughly a third of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers to produce enough cotton for a single t-shirt. All of this information was found on About Organic Cotton.

Well, here is the good stuff! My new line of baby jean organics. It's a small and simple collection for now. It consists of a blanket, burp cloth, wash mitt, and ella the elephant. I might be persuaded to make a bib! To see the rest of the collection visit my website.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

off to a good start

The school year ended on Friday. My kids will be home for the summer. I don't have a lot of big plans for us. Just a list in my head of some things I would like to do with them.

Mr. Toy and Q

And so far so good. After visiting with my sister-in-law, Kathryn, and visiting her worm bin, I thought it would be something great to share with the kids. Learning about reducing the waste that goes into our trash, and helping out our garden with worm castings (aka poop). And I thought they would be fascinated with having worms as pets. Well, I mentioned this to Mr. Toy and he thought of a trade. Good for us, and good for the school. So, thanks to Mr. Toy the science teacher, we will be having Speedy the Hamster with us for the month of August. In exchange for a worm bin. Yes worms.

UBE ice cream

On Friday after we got the worms safely home, we set out for an end of the school year celebratory ice cream. There is a new place by us called "Lourdes Ice Cream". I haven't heard of them before, but I love supporting local businesses. They have a purple ice cream called UBE. It is made out of sweet potatoes. And it was really good! I think I have a new favorite flavor. They also had avocado ice cream. The kids actually said it was a "classic" place.

Q mowing

And get this...Q has been bugging me about wanting to go to garage sales! So he has been doing some extra house work to earn more spending money. He is 9. I am so lucky to have a kid who wants to do something with me that I really love to do. So today we went to a local swap meet called Denio's. He spent his $11 on a r/c helicopter. I bought two other inexpensive toys for child #2 and #3. We looked at everything for about 3 hours. And he want's to go back there again! I think he is interested in buying some car speakers.

Monday, June 2, 2008