Friday, June 13, 2008

baby jean organics

I know (hope) you've seen some of my flickr pictures of baby jean. And I am so excited about it! These are some of the softest fabrics that I have ever seen. The softest that I have ever used. I have really enjoyed cutting into it. And here is the info on organic and what makes it special...

Organic cotton starts from the beginning. Seeds are left untreated without insecticides and are not genetically modified. Crop rotation is used to build strong healthy soil so no fertilizers are needed. The soil also retains water more efficiently thanks to the increased organic matter in the soil. Weeds are physically removed rather than using herbicides to kill weeds. Organic pest control is used by having beneficial insects. To harvest the cotton in an organic way relies on the seasonal freeze for defoliation, not on toxic chemicals. Conventional farming devours roughly a third of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers to produce enough cotton for a single t-shirt. All of this information was found on About Organic Cotton.

Well, here is the good stuff! My new line of baby jean organics. It's a small and simple collection for now. It consists of a blanket, burp cloth, wash mitt, and ella the elephant. I might be persuaded to make a bib! To see the rest of the collection visit my website.

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Emma Farrell said...

So exciting! I can't wait to see the collection. Are you still thinking about doing the craft fair in Newcastle in August?