Tuesday, March 25, 2008

april fools day

I'm going to Arizona and won't be blogging while away.  Catch up again with me after April 1st.  Cheers!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

baby teeth


I picked up William today from school. He had lost tooth #3, a top tooth! He was on recess and skipping rope when the handle hit his mouth and knocked the tooth out and it flew through the air. No one could find it. But I did get a cute picture of him. I think kid smiles with missing teeth are so cute. He asks me if he looks silly. I tell him he looks just like a six year old should!

What is so funny about him loosing his teeth, is that I have never seen one of them. The first bottom baby tooth that he lost was during the night. When he woke up it was gone, and no where to be found. And then he said that his throat hurt! Uh-oh!! I called the doctor and they didn't call me back until the next day. So by then I figured out that if he did swallow it, it must be alright, and he probably wasn't the first kid to have done it!

When he lost his second tooth, the exact same thing happened! No kidding. So I started to tell him that if he was hungry in the middle of the night, not to eat his teeth. That he should wake up and get something else to eat!

Crazy kids. They make my life interesting.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

day five

hanky apron dress

This dress I made before going to SF on Wednesday, and it sold there! It is a hanky apron onesie. I really like making these. They look so cute over jeans or a little skirt.

This is the last day of my project-a-day. After I came home from San Francisco, I have taken a sewing break and have only been working on my computer for days. Check out my website, I changed my photo collection page! I wonder if you will like the change.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

the winner

Congratulations Jennifer! You won the giveaway for the free ticket to the Sacramento Quilt, Sewing & Craft show!! I hope you have fun and remember to take a lot of pictures!

day four


The weather is changing a little bit here and has been cloudy lately. So I took these pictures inside. This photo is of 3 onesies, each appliqued with a vintage men's monogrammed handkerchief, "f, s, n". I have been holding on to these for awhile and have finally used them! I love the white on white look. Can be either for a girl or boy.

Last night I was at the Spring into Style event and loved it!! My friend Rene came with me and was such a great support (thanks girl!). The location was so nice and I had a great spot, right in the middle of everything. The crowd was there to buy and I practically sold out of my cuddle blankets. It was funny, being in San Francisco, there wasn't hardly anyone there who had kids. Everyone was buying for a friend! I had a fantastic time and hope to do it again.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

day three

cuddle blanket

I made these on Monday. Two cuddle blankets both using vintage chenille that I bought in Houston. The pink flowery fabric I bought at the Tin Thimble and seemed so much like Easter, I had to use it. The alphabet print is another vintage piece that I bought in Alameda.

cuddle blanket

I will be going to San Francisco today for the Spring into Style event. Come by to see me!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

day two


Day 2 for my project-a-day. Swing dress made using a vintage tablecloth. I actually made this on Sunday. I am a few days behind. Enjoy!

Monday, March 10, 2008


scrappy cabin quilt

I am going to challenge myself by making a project-a-day. And to start it off, here is my scrappy cabin quilt that I finished Friday night. It came out smaller than I thought it would 16x16. I wanted something to show at the Fibertastic! event that I just went to on Saturday afternoon at the Coffee Garden in Sacramento. They had a whole room with different art and quilts that other crafters made.

So this little wall hanging started off my daily projects. And it does help me to get ready for SF on Thursday night. I like to have some new things made for each show, so things stay fresh. Do you think I can post something newly made each day this week? I plan to, wish me luck, that the sewing machine fairies will smile upon me!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

san francisco anyone


I just received an invitation a few days ago to attend an event called "Spring into Style" in San Francisco. It is a shopping event being held this Thursday evening, 5 to 9 p.m. March 13th! And I would love to see a friendly face. This event is considered an upscale trunk show filled with style and fashion. 70 designers, including me!, selling everything from jewelry, clothing, accessories, and baby items. Including complimentary drinks, beauty services, and giveaways. They also have gift bags at the door!

It will be at the Regency Hotel (really nice) in the Sutter Room, located at 1270 Sutter Street @ Van Ness. Which is so easy to find, last time I was in SF for the Mission Indie-Mart, I had to go to map quest for a ton of maps. To and from my hotel, to and from the Galaxie Bar. The Mission was a part of town that I hadn't really been to before. Although I found it just find and didn't get lost once. I was so proud of myself and felt so grown up! Well this one I will need no map, just the freeway exit. I hope!

Tickets at the door are $10. But you (or any friend, family, co-worker) are invited to RSVP online to get a half price ticket. Go to www.appelandfrank.com and enter the code DESIGNERSF on the ticket purchase page. A portion of the door proceeds are donated to Dress for Success, San Francisco.

So, come and see me. Tell your husband that you are going out with the girls and take the 1 1/2 hour drive (from Sacto.) to San Francisco. Wouldn't that be fun! Mix it up! Be spontaneous!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sacramento Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival


Yes, I look like a dork. Too big of a smile. I blame it on Amy.

So you know I went to the Houston Quilt Market with my sister Mary (thanks!). And I had such a good time. I never considered myself a quilter. And Mary is such a great one! I didn't really now what to expect when I got there. But it was so cool seeing all of the new fabrics that weren't in the shops yet. I got to see all of my favorites too, Michael Miller, Moda, Amy Butler, Alexander Henry. To be able to touch all of the fabrics, to see most of them made up into quilts, and a bunch of other fun stuff was so inspiring for me. And to be there with my sister too! Did I say "great" already? It was, it was!


Now, Sacramento is having a Quilt Festival. I don't think that a year ago I would have wanted to go. But now, yah!! I'm there! You know I have been quilting, making my scrappy cabin squares and doing my vintage baby cuddle quilt for Glitter and Grunge. I don't think that I would have been making those if I hadn't been to Houston.

But it is not meant to be and I am a little bummed and feeling like I am going to miss out on seeing some great stuff. I will be in Arizona instead. Tell you more about that later.

Let me tell you about the Quilt Festival. All of this info I got from Meissner's Sewing Center of Sacramento.

Sacramento Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival

Sewing-Quilting-Needle Arts-Crafts Free classes, Workshops, & Demonstrations

Don't miss Sacramento's premiere sewing and craft show at Cal Expo on March 27, 28, and 29. See and buy the latest supplies, machines, fabrics, notions, patterns, and tools - all under one roof! Lots of great vendors! Festival Hours: Thursday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm each day.

And Meissner's is giving away free show tickets. I picked one up before my husband reminded me that I won't be home and can't go! So, I am giving my ticket away to you! An $8 value. I know I am so generous. Just leave me a comment and next Friday I will pick a name and mail it out to you!


All that I ask is that you take a lot of pictures!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

glitter and grunge


The girls over at Crafty Carnival and Handmade Parade invited me to join Glitter and Grunge! I first met Missy and Claire at a Sacramento Handmade Parade event last year. Now, I am so excited to be with them! And actually feel a little honored to be asked. Kinda silly, huh? But I am really thrilled!

Each month I will create a one-of-a-kind katie jean item and sell it exclusively through Glitter and Grunge. This feels like I've joined a monthly challenge! Which is such a good way for me to challenge myself and be creative making new things. I love this idea and now that I've just sent off my first 3 new items for my artist's page, I want to let my brain rest. But it can't, I'm already dreaming of something new. Doesn't this sound like fun?

Check it out and see what I made for March. The above picture is just a little peak at one very special blanket. It is pure katie jean style. Using a great mix of both new and vintage fabrics. I can see someone buying it as a gift for a baptism, it has such an heirloom feeling to it.

I bought some complimentary vintage fabric at The Tin Thimble to make the bias tape. This was my first attempt at making mitered corners. I thought my brain would explode trying something new. It didn't, and was so fun to accomplish it! I gave myself a little high five. I looked at Alicia Paulson's blog and she had a really good tutorial, with pictures, that really helped a ton. I really love the way it all came together. A very special thank you to Emma and Sharon in helping me choose just the right fabrics!