Monday, March 10, 2008


scrappy cabin quilt

I am going to challenge myself by making a project-a-day. And to start it off, here is my scrappy cabin quilt that I finished Friday night. It came out smaller than I thought it would 16x16. I wanted something to show at the Fibertastic! event that I just went to on Saturday afternoon at the Coffee Garden in Sacramento. They had a whole room with different art and quilts that other crafters made.

So this little wall hanging started off my daily projects. And it does help me to get ready for SF on Thursday night. I like to have some new things made for each show, so things stay fresh. Do you think I can post something newly made each day this week? I plan to, wish me luck, that the sewing machine fairies will smile upon me!

1 comment:

Diane said...

Your quilt is beautiful Katie! I love each little fabric scrap, but am raving about the blue dress in the middle of the one square. You are inspiring!