Monday, September 28, 2009


So I guess that I was the last mom in Lincoln to have taken her kids to Disneyland.  That's what it sounded like to me weeks before we left on our trip.  I honestly didn't understand all of the hype and excitement.  What was the big deal.  Isn't it just another amusement park?

Now I get it.  And now I am already saving money up for my next trip.  I want to visit every Disney location.  Euro Disney, Tokyo Disney, Disneyworld.  Any place else?

My girl went right up to Mickey, and Pooh Bear, and Eyeore, and Tigger.  I was so surprised.  Her shyness was gone for the moment when she saw those character's that she is so familiar with.  And quickly went to each of them for a hello and a hug.

Grandfather made this trip possible for us.  He is 88 and swears this is his last trip away from home.  He had just come to Anaheim from the Grand Canyon.  He has really been all over the world and I'm sure that if he can get on the train, he will be out the door again soon!

Once my kids got their ears, I told them that they had to wear them to get on all of the rides.  They didn't pick up on the fact that I wasn't wearing any myself.  And the night we went out to IHOP, I told them that they would get a free glass of water for wearing their ears too.  I know, I'm bad.  But aren't they so cute!

Thanks to all of my friends and family for all of the Disney help.  Especially Gram who watched my Q when I was gone. And thank you to Beth and Grandfather for making the trip with us that much more fun to share it with you!


Auntie Mary said...

Give them a Shirley Temple or Ginger Ale. Water - you crack me UP! Thank goodness Auntie Mary was not there they would have gotten chocolate milk at least.
The photos are great! It looks like you had a fun time.
Auntie Mary

Diane said...

Looks like a perfect family vacation! Love your sneaky humor too :) Your kids are getting SO BIG! Time flies...

Sandee said...

Disney Hong Kong. The first place I took my daughter, when I adopted her (3 years old). And they are building a Disney in Shanghai, I heard.