Thursday, May 21, 2009

just one more

I promise! maybe.   I just couldn't resist sharing this one last photo with you.

I saw this 1964 program at the Sacramento Antique Faire.  Don't you just love her sparklie pants!

This fabric is baby circus! I'm making a cuddle blanket and matching onesie out of this.  The blanket will be backed with either pink or yellow minky.  I have to see what I have enough of to use first.

And these are just some of the new eye pillows that I've made for HP.  Can't you just smell the lavender?  The pillow is also filled with some organic flaxseed to give it a little more weight.  I love making these because I like using up my fabric scraps, mixing and matching them is like color therapy.  And I really like making a little something that a mom can have for herself when she gets something for her baby, or her friends baby.

Come and see me on Saturday, k?


Quilter's Eden said...

So very cute! Your finds are amazing.

Amy said...

That fabric is too cute!

I just love my eye pillow, it is amazing! It's pretty, it smells good, and it calms my sinus pain and headaches. I use it hot or cold =)

Rain said...

Love the circus fabric! My cousin loved the onesie, elephant and blanket! ;)