Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My computer was getting overloaded with all my pic's.  So, I was cleaning it up.  Then my hub was cleaning it up.  They always want things to go faster.  And he messed it up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Now I can't get to my pic's at all.

But, here is my collage!  I don't know what happened that I couldn't find it.  So I just tried again and here it is.   I also wanted to show you the few photos from my crazy weekend.  But I can't.  boo hoo.  So instead you can look at this flickr group.

Next up for katie jean is Handmade Parade.  I have been looking forward to this event for weeks!  There will be a ton of new vendors there that I haven't met yet.  So lots of fun shopping will be had by all!

It will also be a family event!  There will be facepainting, make & takes, and demos.  I really do get a kick out of seeing kids at these events.  They are usually really surprised by how many things people make by hand and sell as part of a business.  I can see the wheels turning in their brain, wondering at this alternative career.  My own kids do this to me quite often too!

See you there!


Susan said...

Hi Katie. I was considering the Handmade Parade event but we will just be getting back from vacation, but I will be there as shopper. I will stop by. I put a little something on my blog about the Indie Show.


Susan said...

I have several handbags made but I think I am getting bored with the style. I want to work on some new designs but for whatever reason I am just in a funk about getting motivated. I still love it but there is just no motivation. I think I need to just go into my sewing room and do some rearranging. I certainly have a ton of beautiful fabrics. I have lots of vintage including pillow cases and sheets. I will snap out of it soon. Maybe the the Handmade Parade event will do the trick!

Judith said...

That fabric is so pretty, pink and green, love it. Make me an apron, or a curtain, or trim me a towel, or two. Because if you don't... well, I'll just have to wear the pants on my head.

Love you for your talent!