Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the big top

My lunch out with my girl started out innocent enough.  We ate our favorite lunch out at New Castle Produce.  It's so good!  Local produce all organic.  They make the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.

While we were sitting there eating, I look around at their shelves full of great treats and see this:

Now do you believe me?  I am seeing circus.  It's everywhere!  I just love the drawing on these packages.  Aren't they so cute.  Can you just see me taking pictures of this stuff?  What is that girl doing??  I know that I'm not alone in this though!  Remember don't leave home without your camera.

Here is my other set that I made for Handmade Parade using my circus themed fabric.  The set includes a cuddle blanket, burp cloth, and oneise.

Both of these circus fabrics are by designer Anna Griffin.  She also has a line of paper products.  She has the circus bug too!


Judith said...

Hey, you!
I was thinking I needed some eye candy so I thought to stop by. Didn't expect a whole bag full! Love the pics!
PS Our circus is coming to your town first week of August. Can't wait to see your creations up close and personal!

Quilter's Eden said...

The circus theme is so retro. I love it! What you are making with your fabrics is so amazing! Love it all.