Saturday, April 23, 2011

I shed some tears

This is my 12 year old boy. Yes, he just got braces. Last Tuesday. And I cried a little bit at the dentist office when he was getting his braces put on. I cried those "my baby is growing up" tears. Those tears that I thought I would never be that kind of mom who would cry those kind of tears. But I did.

I thought of him as a baby, all arms and legs, long and lanky. I thought of the 3 years of tears I cried, trying to get pregnant with him. How he used to always hold my hand, and was so shy.
Now he is almost a teen. On his way to adult hood. With me always encouraging him in his building and creativity. And still so thankful that he always asks me to tuck him in at night. My favorite part of the day.


donna said...

How sweet. I miss thoughs days. Mine is 21 and away at school.
Happy Easter

My Vintage Mending said...

Aw...Miss Katie, my middle child is 12 and just got his braces. If I close my eyes and its really quiet I can still hear him coming down the hall in his footy pajamas and woobie in tow. Breaks my heart...Happy Easter...Renee

Val said...

Thinking of you all! Your post and these comments are so bittersweet. :)

Happy Easter. :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I cry all the time now! My kids are 17, 12 and 8. I cry that the 17 year old has grown up so much and we only have about a year left before I think she'll venture off. The middle because she is changing so much. Definitely looking more like a teen every day (just passed me in height too) and the youngest because he's my baby. The last of this and that and he's not even a baby anymore either.

malia said...

this post made me tear up. what a sweet momma you are. xo