Friday, March 13, 2009

in the garden

Since I have joined Heather's March of the Tools I have seen tools everywhere in my life.  Stuff that I always use, like my computer, and never think of it as a tool.  Only what is kept in the garage is a tool right?  Not right.

Should I share a picture with you of my tv remote, my camera, my nail file.  All tools.  I'm thinking any thing that I use with my hands to do work is a tool.  Do you agree?  Would that include my purse?

Well, here is something that is a real tool, that I do keep in my garage.  And it is something that I do really enjoy using because of it's uniqueness.

These are the best for getting up the weeds.   Someone once told me they were French.  I have no idea.  I also don't know how I now have three of them.  But since I have three kids, I'm glad that I do.   Maybe I need one more for me :)

Can you tell spring is here?  I hope my 3 keep thinking that weeding is fun.  When I get these out, they all want one.  And the bucket is the other perfect companion for the weeding.  Makes the clean up easy.

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