Thursday, March 19, 2009

summer baby

I have been on a sewing hiatus this week.  It seems like every time I do a show, I spend a week or so picking up the huge mess I made in my sewing room.   And I do end up spending a lot of time on my computer.  I just can't seem to step away from it!

So today my girlfriend and great neighbor, Kathryn stopped over.  The 5th grade teacher at the elementary school is having a baby.  And she came over to pick out a present.  Which is a lot of fun because Kathryn used to be textile designer.  She loves to look through my fabrics and she always picks out something that I haven't used yet.  And then she uses it in fun combination's or just unexpected ways.

Which is great that she uses what I already have.  I often buy fabric with no idea of what I will make with it.  And what she picked is this fresh, summery fabric.  I always thought I would make a special dress with a little white peter pan collar with it.  Now, it will be a classic baby onesie and minky blanket combo.  I will also be making up a set for my shop, if you're interested :)  I'll also show you a new photo when I'm done.

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Mary said...

You should make the dress with the collar in another fabric - always a classic.