Sunday, March 22, 2009

look for me

Once a month I update special katie jean creations to the Glitter and Grunge site. I remember being so excited when I was invited to join!  It was like being invited to a great crafty girl party!

Now g&g is a special place where there are different artists from all over the U.S.  Each month we post items that are exclusive to be found only at g&g.  And each month I am challenged to make something new.  Of course I love looking to see what the other vendors have made.  They inspire me and make me want to do a better job and sew up some exciting creations.

Soon the website will be updated.  Shoppers will be able to buy directly from the site.  Which is a great new feature to go with a totally new look.

And to go with the new look, the g&g blog is also going through another great change.   Each day there will be a different blogger writing on a specific subject.  You can find me there every Thursday where I have been invited to write about my thrifty outings.

I'll be sharing with you where I shop, what I buy, and what I make of it.  It has become another fun challenge for me and a great opportunity to encourage you to get out there and look at things in a new way, with a new perspective on thrifty living.  Enjoy!

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Mary said...

OMG!!! Look at you!! What fun you are having now! I am in awe. xoxo,m