Thursday, January 20, 2011

thrifty adventures

For our first Thrifty Adventure, I found a cushion that I wanted to reupholster for my girl. remember? I used some fun and sturdy Wizard of Oz fabric. I'll tell you tomorrow how that went.

As soon as I finished sewing up that cushion, we hopped in the car. With a special hope that our thrift was still open. We had spotted this book on a previous trip. But I am truly not a big Wizard of Oz fan. But getting this big book for $1.50 was just the perfect thing to go with that little cushion!

And we have been reading it every night since. Right now we are on chapter 16. And it is so much better than the movie! Most importantly, my girl is loving it too :)

Now, it's your turn! Show me your thifty bounty! And be sure to visit
Pills' Place to see what she has there.

When you've done that borrow one of my buttons to add to your post or sidebar. Have fun!

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Indigo Wings said...

Hi-found your blog through Flickr. I had that same exact Wizard of Oz book as a young girl, and I loved it--wish I still had it. Enjoy it with your little one!