Saturday, January 22, 2011


My sewing goal for 2011 is getting into my sewing book library and actually doing some of the projects. This is the first book I picked. Seams To Me by Anna Maria Horner.

And this is what I wanted to sew, a simple fabric covered cushion. Not for my dog, but for my girl. The directions called for an inner cover and an outer removable cover. So it could be taken off and washed. I just wanted one cover, so it should be simple, right?

And I also wanted to follow the directions exactly. I usually sew something the way I want to sew and don't use a pattern. It's a habit that I learned from my mom who is a master sewer. This time I was a good girl and not a pattern rebel.

Well this did not go very well. I measured my cushion, cut my fabric, and sewed it up. It was just too big. The problem came with the directions asking me to add 2" to my cushion measurements, and use a 1/2" seam allowance. This did not equate to making a nice fitting cushion cover like the directions said it would be.

So I ended up sewing in another 1/2" on my side seams. And taking up the bottom seam when I was stitching the opening closed. A little to adjust too. So it came out alright in the end, but thankfully I knew how to fix it and not get frustrated.

I did add a little handle on the cushion. Making it so much easier for my girl to take it and sit down by the fire with our dog. And I am not giving up on this book. I will give another Anna pattern a try and hope it's better.

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Amie Plumley said...

You know, I had problems with a pattern from that book too...but the ideas are super cute! Your cushion is super cute - love the fabric!