Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a goal

If you are like me, and you like to sew, you probably also like sewing books. And I have a few, a few too many. My shelves are a little overflowing now. I have started looking for new places in my house to store them. Like my kids closets. They never hang up their clothes any way. Plenty of room there.

Since I do have so many of these books. I hardly ever get to sit down and use any of them. I just want to pick out a fun project and make something new.

I also want to follow the direction exactly. For the most part. Maybe add a little design detail of my own in the process. But I want to test my books for their accuracies. Like I'm in a Better Homes and Gardens recipe test kitchen. I want to put my sewing books to the test. And of course have fun sewing.

So this is my goal for 2011. I plan to review at least one sewing book a month. And you can see my first sewing project will be this Doggie Dream Bed. Although it will actually be the floor pillow I am making for my daughter.
Do you having any sewing goals for 2011?


PinkGranny said...

I hope to get a few well-intentioned UFOs done; a quilt for my grandson, a pillow for my other grandson and I want to really get my sewing room organized. I love all of the options I have within those 4 walls.

Jacki said...

Oooooh, I'm always on the lookout for good sewing books, so I'll love reading your reviews!

jdcoughlin said...

I was looking through my sewing books and realized I didn't have your tea towel book. Do you have a link where I can find it?