Thursday, January 13, 2011

thrifty adventure

I am a sucker for small kid chairs. Especially ones that look like vintage school chairs. I think this became a love for me because growing up we (me and my 3 sisters) always had a play house. We moved 3 times and our Dad always built a special structure for us.

The only real remnant that I have from those days is a little white wrought iron chair. It's like an ice cream parlor chair. My own girl sits at her tiny table now on that same chair. And being such a heavy little chair it has worn well.

So I when I saw this little doll high chair (shown above in the middle) at my local thrift I knew it was one to have. For $5! There is no tray for the top. But I think I can take off the hardware and fill it in with a wood filler and sand it down. Then paint it (my fav color of blue) and add a little cushion. Doesn't it look cute with the other little chairs in my collection.

Please join our link party! Just link up here with your thrifty find. Be sure to visit Pill's Place to see Stacey's little discovery too!


thursday said...

I did it! Looking forward to seeing what others link to!

jdcoughlin said...

I have two folding red chairs that my kids used when they were really little. They could pull up a seat at the coffee table and enjoy some crackers with peanut butter. My kids are teens now, but I'm not letting them go. Too many memories.

Van said...

I love mini-anything. (I collect mini-food and dinosaurs) and with no kids I do have to resist the chairs. I especially love the mini mid-century modern style ones because they're so rare and unexpected.

Your collection is adorable! Please update us when you finish the makeover!

Jacki said...

Congrats! I've just chosen you as a recipient of the Stylish Blogger Awards! Check the link for deets: