Monday, January 24, 2011

sewing school class #3

The Sewing School class #3 was held Saturday at my home. Where we made the "Soo Soft Pillow". A first for the girls to use fabric, not just sewing with felt. They were so good and dedicated to making their pillow look very nice, making sure their cutting was precise. They were so cute!

I put out a wide variety of fabric choices from my own stash. And I cut paper bag circles for the pattern. Can you see their cute pincushions? They got to use them too! The sewing took some time for them to do, and they did get a little tired of it, so a donut break was an important part of the morning.

Then we got to the stuffing of the pillow. That was the fun part for them. And look at how proud they are of their work! I just love how they each picked out such different fabrics. Each fabric choice matching their personalities.

The girls were also sent home with scraps of fabric. I asked them to make something, anything, to bring back and share next week. Which is the last class for this group of girls. It is ending with a slumber party! I am going to be exhausted Sunday morning.

And here is some fun news to share with you! The girls who wrote the book Sewing School, wrote about our little class over on their blog. So be sure to take a look and see what nice things they had to say.


Molly said...

They're such cute little sewers! Sounds like a fun time!

Kate said...

I just bought their book and can't wait to work with my grandchildren on projects!! (Kate's mom wanting to comment.)Abiga/Karen