Wednesday, February 2, 2011

teeth, friends, and shopping

Hi! I have been running about today. Feeling a bit frazzled. I was at my daughter's school this morning helping with a craft project. Which always gets a bit loud and crazy. Then later I am taking my three beauties to get their teeth cleaned. Which my boys badly need. Why are they the worst at taking care of their teeth? I hope they out grow this. Please tell me they out grow this!

Well, enough about me. I have made a new friend at Apron Thrift Girl. And she is hosting a giveaway today. And it is a giveaway that I am sponsoring! A sweet vintage apron with pale yellow and peachy pink flowers. Just adorable. Go and visit her and leave a comment on her wonderfully addictive blog to win.

And be sure to look at my etsy shop today. I am updating it with a bunch of onesies. All which were inspired by the book review that I need to share with you. I will tell you about that next. But let me just say, so far, so good!

Now go do your homework and brush your teeth.

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