Thursday, February 3, 2011

thrifty adventures

I can't believe it is Thursday already! Let me tell you what happened... Last Friday I had to take my girl to a Dr. appointment. And her regular Dr. was at another office, so off we went. And would you believe it, there was a Goodwill down the street!

Goodwill is so nicely organized so I really do like going in. There are two where I live. So it is really easy for me to stop on by and do a little thrifting. Plus my girl loves it too. On this trip she picked out a Strawberry Shortcake puzzle (which did have all the pieces) and some Snoopy fleece fabric, that we washed and she loves to sleep with!

My favorite area is to look through the fabrics and household linens. And that is where I found this pretty girls apron. Vintage of course! I am always surprised to find something so great. It is like finding a jewel. This little jewel of an apron still needs to be washed and pressed. But I believe that it will soon be showing up in my shop.

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jdcoughlin said...

This isn't my adventure. It's someone else's. But it's my favorite way to repurpose, reuse. Finding odd pitchers and spray painting them white. I love, love, love, this idea. I am so going to garage sales as soon as the snow melts.