Monday, February 28, 2011

sew day

About a week ago the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild had a sew day. And me being a member in good standing, I went. But what to sew... that is what to quilt?

sugar pop from moda

I had this stack of a charm pack that I did a bit of sewing and cutting on. Making up some sweet little squares. Ready for the day of sewing.

This is what I wanted my square to look like. And I had a bit of an idea of how I wanted to lay it out. Very simply of course. But I especially wanted another pair of eyes to look it over and offer any suggestions.

And this is what we came up with. The white bits of fabrics make up a perfect zig zag pattern. Doesn't it look cool! I was just going to have the blocks in all neat straight rows. I also had four half squares left over and didn't know where to put those either. Can you see them in the picture. They fit nicely into the sides of the quilt where I was going to add some solid fabrics.

This won't turn out big enough for my Cal King size bed. Unless I get fancy with more border details. But I doubt I'll do that. I like it simple and modern. Plus, it will look perfect on a little accessory that I just thrifted today for my bedroom! I am so excited to show it to you on Thursday. Can't wait :)

And thank you Traci and Jennifer for you help!


PinkGranny said...

This is very cute! Thank you for sharing. I am eager to see it with your recent thrift find.

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh I really like that Moda sugar pop fabric. Just what I need...more fabric...Beautiful...Smiles...Renee

Quilter's Eden said...

That is so cute! I love it! What a great combination of colors. It would look great over your iron footboard, right?

Sherry Baby said...

Oh this quilt is going to be beautiful!!! I can't wait to see the finish results! Love the pattern and all the colors!!!

Rebecca Maples said...

I sew, (get it sew?), wanted to be there, but I was sick that whole weekend:( This is going to be an amazing quilt!

Brandi said...

I love reminds me of pinwheels. Love all the fun colors and patterns...You are so very talented!
Looking at your creations just makes me smile :)