Sunday, February 6, 2011

sewing school rules!

It has been a week since our last class of sewing school, held here in my home. I miss those 5 little faces!

Our last class was a fun one. Filled with drawing on fabric, cutting out the fabric, and learning the whip stitch. And always practicing knot tying.

Each of the girls drew a different animal: a dog, cat, rabbit, bear, and another dog! Making their very own stuffie!

I didn't get a final picture of them all together like I usually do with their finished project. But when I did tell them it was their final class (for now), they were sad! They thought they were to have 8 classes! My goodness, I love you, but I need just a tiny little break.

I am starting up more sewing classes in March. Look at The Tin Thimble for their schedule of more beginning sewing for girls ages 6 - 10 years old, and a Mother/Daughter series of sewing classes.

Eat, Sleep, Sew!


reaton said...

I just discovered your blog through Sewing School and I wanted to tell you that you have totally inspired me to try out a little sewing class with my daughter and 3 of her friends. I love the sewing school ladies and have wanted to try something similar myself. Thank you for posting your class and showing me that it was something I could do too.

Thank you!

Sewing School said...

I bet their stuffies were so cute! That's the project that started it all- I've been making stuffies with my class for 7 years now! I have really enjoyed seeing your class in action and can't wait to see what you do next. Glad we've "met!"

thursday said...

oh my cute! I so hope that my Georgia will love to sew when she is a few years older. I want to make her some of those sewing cards - so sweet! oh my goodness this post has me looking forward to a future full of craftiness.

katie jean said...

thanks girls for your comments! I truly did love this class and hope to do another one soon! Amie, your book is such a big inspiration for me. And your support of the classes was such a huge help!

Renee, have fun with your class! Your girl will be so thankful, now and later in her life too. I just loved being able to share one of my love's with someone I love so much!