Friday, February 18, 2011

sew darn cute

Remember me saying something about doing a book review of Sew Darn Cute? Sorry it took me so long. Here's what I made.

My version of the Necklace Tank. Such a cute idea. Since there is no pattern, just instructions, I made my own. Appropriately sized circles to fit on a bunch of baby onesies. I also omitted the buttons around the neckline since it's for baby.

I love using my fabric scraps. That's what drew me to this sewing idea. These little pieces were from the baby booties that I make. When do you think a piece of fabric is too small to keep? I can never seem to part with them.

I used my little shot glass from Belgium to draw half circles onto the fusible webbing. My glasses are often used as circle patterns. I sometimes have to get a few glasses out to get just the right size. Use what you've got, right!

And here is a cute pink version. Can you tell that is Amy Butler fabric? I love that they have such a sweet vintage touch, but I can use new fabrics and they have that same feel. They have been a hit in my shop. I have even made a few custom onesies with booties to match.

So, yes, I do love this book! I plan to also make a few more items from it. Like the super cute doll quilt at the end of the book. It's made using vintage sheets, and I happen to have a few of those.


Lucy Betty said...

Ooh I love this! This was my favorite from your etsy site! I stumbled across it for the giveaway but I'm glad I got here- such cute stuff! Also, thanks for your comment, I'm new to the blog world! :)

Free Pretty Things For You said...

those little onesie are toooo cute my dear!! Im going ot have to ass that book to my wish list!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Very sweet. And easy enough even for me!

Val said...

Those onesies really are cute. :)

Shelley said...

The onesies are just too precious !

Shelley said...

The onesies are just too precious !
We have many girls pregnant with little girlies that I would love to get them for ! xoxo

Sherry Baby said...

I just love these! They are adorable! Lovely blog.
I am just teaching my daughter to sew too, its nice to see other moms sewing with there kids!