Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thrifty adventures

I can't believe it is Thursday already! Didn't I just show you my latest thrift find? I know I did.

vintage pear shaped pin cushion with what looks like a new top

This week I went to a local thrift shop called The Salt Seller. They were having a 50% off of their entire shop. And they seem to be having a sale like this, sometimes 60% off, almost every time I go in there.

the Witch needle threader, made in West Germany

And they should! Their things are too expensive for a thrift shop. But their money does go to a local church that does a lot for our city. And yet I still walk through their doors and never leave empty handed.

the beautiful pink "stay fresh" sheet (paid too much even at 50% off)

Frugality did not work. I spent almost $40 in there this week. Which is a lot for me to spend in one thrift shop. I would usually spend $20 in a shop. Ok, $30 tops.

adorable vintage apron made from 30's prints

And I bet you couldn't do any better either! Look at all the great vintage one of a kind bits of things that I brought home. It has gotten me thinking about opening another etsy shop! Now if I could just think of a name.

Stacey and I would love to see what great bits of stuff you found thrifting this week. What couldn't you live without? Join our link party and add our button to your blog posting or sidebar.


beka*b said...

Nice finds. I especially like the pear pin cushion and the look of that apron :) Just the thing to wear whilst baking pies, I think ;)

My Vintage Mending said...

Too true, just came from the thrift today and I always place limits. Never keep them. Yes, I need a shop too. What am I going to do with all this over spill? Thanks for stopping...Smiles Renee

Indigo Wings said...

Great finds! You have inspired me--I almost made it to the local thrift today but got side tracked, maybe next week!

Eli said...

this makes me so sad that in this day and age of this recession, thrift stores only got more expensive. I cant think of a single one that doubled their prices. Granted we buy things out of love, but when they cost more than some new things, I cant justify it all the time. I'm just not buying anything for a while

katie jean said...

Thank you girls for your comments :) Eli, I agree. I do put things back if I feel like I can get purchase a similar item for new at the same price. That usually seems to happen at least once every time I go out. But I don't stay away for too long.

Sophia said...

Wow, did I read that price sticker right? $16 for a sheet? Our Goodwills price things pretty high, but I've never seen one quite that expensive. I joke with my husband that they must be smoking something illegal while they're pricing the linens! :)