Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my vintage love

My long time vintage love is the handkerchief. If you know me, I love hankies. And also if you know me, you have given me a few of your own. Such generous girls they all are too!

My own katie jean story started with a handkerchief. I always thought they were so pretty and vibrant. It was too bad they sat in peoples drawers, especially since they were once probably given as a memento or gift.

I wanted to use the hanky! I started sewing them onto baby onesies to make dresses. This I began to see was difficult to do because it was often hard to find two hankies that coordinated with each other but were also the same size. So I had to rethink my design a bit and came up with the hanky apron. It's a sort of top to be worn with pants or a skirt.

Then I kept using the hanky for so many different projects. I would make pillows, shoe bags, blankets, appliqued shirts, and even decorate my daughters bedroom.

I love seeing what fun others are having with their hanky creations too. So I looked online to see what others were doing with their collections. Such gorgeous work! Such great imaginations and wonderful resources. So, hang on to your grandma's hankies. Or send them to me :)


Free Pretty Things For You said...

oh my word those onesies are just too cute for words!!!
i Love it!!

did you see my DIY craft using a them too? I made a little apron for my little girl!

Hope you are having a fabulous day my dear!!

Val said...

Hear hear! :) I always have some as curtains, some on pillows and gifts....They are way too pretty and special to keep in dresser drawers. I love the little dresses in the first photo. :)

AnastasiaC said...

gorgeous vintage fabrics - everything looks so sweet!!!