Monday, November 1, 2010

it's a redo

I like to keep things simple in all that I make. I don't like my katie jean items to be too frilly or over the top done. I like the child to be noticed first not their clothing. Simple, right?

Well I had made theses scarves. And people just weren't warming up to them. (Sorry pun!) They didn't know what the long patchwork of fabric was!

So I had inspiration one day to add a ruffle. Sewing by hand is fun and relaxing for me. I just make a running stitch by hand and gathered the fabric into a ruffle.

The ruffle would then turn out to be a little swirl or a floret. And then are stitched down with my sewing machine. I really like how they all turned out.

So a girl won't be overpowered by ruffles. This ruffle just adds a touch of whimsy and fun!


Val said...

These are pretty, and you know I love patchwork. :)

If I saw one of these scarves long enough, I'd want to try to pin it in place around a tablecloth--my table is round--to add a little color and pattern to an otherwise solid color-ed cloth. :) That way I'd have my patchwork without having to worry about it getting messy from the dishes and food. :)

Waldeck Dry Goods said...

very cute! if only my little one would wear a scarf.... they are one of the many things she refuses to wear, along with jeans and puffy coats.