Friday, November 5, 2010

fabric shoes

I am in the midst of sewing for my show in SF on December 11, 12. And sometimes I just get overwhelmed with what I need to sew just to fill in empty spaces in my inventory. That gets kinda boring.

I want to keep things fresh and new. Even for people who haven't seen my creations yet, I want them to see my newest and best things! Well, of course, right?

So I found a new pattern for reversible baby booties. It's fun to sew up something new. And this is a really good pattern with no exposed raw edges.

The shoes are tiny, and tiny can be a bit frustrating at times. Sewing tiny things make me feel like a clumsy giant with giant clumsy hands!

But look at how cute they are!

Now there are piles of fabric around my sewing room. You know how sewers can be easily entertained just by mixing up fabric, talking about fabric, touching fabric.

I am to keep a fresh eye, no preconceived ideas, laying out new fabrics with vintage and organic fabrics. I am spending my day just digging and sorting through my stash!Wanna come over?

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PinkGranny said...

These little shoes are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

malia said...

darling sweetie! wish i lived a couple states over to attend the show!