Monday, November 15, 2010

cute and tiny

My sister Mary got a little tired of quilting one day. She wanted to sew a little bag. So she looked online for a cute tutorial, but wanted to change the handle. So I talked her through it.

Then after an hour of chit-chat on the phone, I hung up, and went straight to my own fabric. Mary is always great about sending me bits of fabric that she knows I will love. And that is what I grabbed.

I had a cute stack of 3" squares of Japanese fabrics. So tiny and so adorable! I thought these would be a perfect little sewing project. Something fun to do, not something that I had to get done. That is just the way my sister had felt.

I have made 4 of these bags to date. And have just 3 more ready to sew up. My sister on the other hand, has made up to 13 in various sizes! She is addicted. And I think you need a tutorial on how to make your own. So that will come to you soon :)

p.s. We think these little bags would be cute to use for advent calenders, Barbie's purse, or for a gift card!

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