Thursday, March 24, 2011

thrifty adventures

Last week my thrifty adventure was a complete bust. With my computer not working and all. And with last Thursday being St. Patrick's Day I wanted to share something green with you. Well it was not meant to be. Until now.

So I searched my house for something thifted and green and this is what I found. My trusty trash can that I keep in my sewing room. It catches all of my thread and bits of fabric that is too tiny for scraps. I love to see it fill up, because it means I have been hard at work!

It is such an awful green color and so groovy with the flowers on the front. I just love it and could not walk away from it. Even though the price said $12. I'm sure I didn't pay that much for it. Because I did buy it at a place that I frequent so much, the owner knows my name and asks about my kids and sister-in-law when I am in there. Which really isn't a thrift shop. But a great junk shop that I tell no one else of, because I love it so! And if I do happen to share it with you, then that means I love you too.

So what do you have to share with Stacey and I today? You can link it here, and use our cute thrifty adventures button on your blog or sidebar, when you do. Thanks for sharing!


Miranda said...

Katie, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love Owl fabic too!! I have a few different ones but I've only made a keychain out of one of them. I have the "it's too pretty to use" problem :)

Maaike said...

Lovely basket, great flowers! Nice light blog you have.
Enjoy your Sunday,
love Maaike

Lyssa said...

I love that you found that in your own home! The ulitmate thrifter right there. I love the flowers!