Tuesday, March 22, 2011

90th birthday

Last weekend we were heading to the mountains. Then we heard of all the snow that was coming. Our plans then changed and I was so glad that we didn't have to take that 4 hour drive! It was like a huge weight being lifted. I was so happy! My kids, not so much. They of course would have loved it.

My father-in-law, Eldridge Trott, had just turned 90 years old. We were to celebrate his birthday with a huge family and friends party. But, as I said, our plans changed. And thankfully the party turned out to be held locally and we were all together as originally planned.
The invitation was my responsibility and contribution to the party. So of course I turned to etsy to find the perfect invite. Where I found a wonderful vintage travel poster inspired card from Orange81. Eldridge is known for writing, backpacking, and his faithful companion, Sweetie. This invite was just the one for him, shown with a dog and his master in the mountains. It was perfect and I loved having found it on etsy.

The invitations also said "no gifts please". But I couldn't resist making him a pillowcase when I found this fabric at The Tin Thimble. My f-i-l is from Texas and has currently finished writing his western novel. It was perfect. I even did some hand stitching around the pillowcase cuff, with brown thread to give it a more western feel. He did love his birthday gift and promised to sleep with it that same night.

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PinkGranny said...

Great how that turned out all the way around!