Wednesday, December 15, 2010

home now

I had such a fantastic and exhausting weekend in San Francisco. Bazaar Bizarre rocks! They had a cocktail/craft party and everything!

When I first came into the Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason I was so overwhelmed with the displays that everyone was putting up. People were bringing in boards, branches, umbrellas, meat. Everything! I was just dragging in my usual folded up table. Feeling like the girl from little ol' Lincoln.

But once I left a panic message for my good friend that wasn't around to answer my call (you know who you are), I pulled it together. I had my usual table, and display stuff. Plus a blue storage bin that I was hauling all my inventory in. That was to be covered with my lavender scarf and set up with my little white rack of onesies. It gave me the bit of depth and dimension in display that I needed.

The crisis was averted and I had fun setting up. I sold a ton of stuff. Which feels so great when people love what I make and are at an event like this, ready to shop.

I met a ton of great people. I had wonderful table neighbors. But did not take nearly enough pictures of everyone. So I will be posting about those that I did take pictures of. You can watch my facebook for more about some others that I have no pics but I did get business cards. And you can also visit the Bazaar Bizarre flickr page for a great collection of pics.


Squitten said...

Hi Katie!

You were such a great boothmate! Are you planning on doing other events? I think I'm definitely going to have to make smaller items and find a way to speed up the process, so I can sell more. I might have to invest in a sewing machine! I hope to see you at other events!

Molly said...

Your booth looked fabulous! So good to meet you in person. Can't wait for my sister to see the cute little booties I bought for her daughter who should be arriving any day! Happy Holidays!

Piecemaker Jewelry said...

It was indeed a pleasure meeting you and slanging handmade items next to you. Your items are adorable. I will definitely relay your store to my children bearing friends. I hope to be your table neighbor again very soon! Have a lovely day!