Thursday, September 30, 2010

why i love it

I really like doing custom orders.  It's fun for me to give people a chance to pick out and create something that they feel really comes from them, not the department store.  And this one was extra special for me because it was to be a gift for my niece Katie.

She and her husband Victor are having their first baby!  Yes it's a boy.

My sister-in-law asked me to make a gift for them and I thought of this Dick and Jane fabric right off.  It reminds me of her and seems like something from her own childhood that she would want to pass on to our new baby nephew.

The blanket is soft flannel with vintage chenille and the tie fabric is perfect!  Doesn't that plaid just rock it as a tie :D  I am also working on another special order that I will be done with tomorrow.  I'll show you that one too if you like!

And with this sewing project done and posted it means that I have completed my Sew 5 Challenge!  Thanks Creative Maven for keeping me busy and on task!


Quilter's Eden said...

I like, I like!!

countrybydesign said...

Too cute! I like doing custom orders, too.

Deserae Fiedler said...

What a great gift! :)

Beth said...

just found your site from the Polka Dot Chair... i LOVE your fabrics! so vintage and so fabulous :)

Karisty said...

You make some really cute stuff!

Mama Lusco said...

Wonderful gifts! That onesie is adorable!