Thursday, September 2, 2010

mr ed's animals

So I managed  to make it to one of my local thrifts again!  I think my house is already full of stuff.  And I tell myself not to buy anything more.  But how can I not!  Thrift shops have the best stuff.  And there is always something that I cannot live without.  I bought another chair.  Don't tell my husband :)

Truth is, I do end up buying more things for others than for myself.  I can find some great Christmas presents.  And some pretty great books for my kids.

Have you seen this one?  Apparently I am the last person on the planet to hear of Ed Emberley.  I googled him just this morning and found out all about him.  Mr. Emberley even has a cute website of his very own!

This book was published in 1970 as a Scholastic Book.  How did I miss seeing it then?  I paid 75 cents for mine.  I gave it to the wolf artist.  And the first thing he checked for was to see if there was instructions for drawing a wolf.  Yes!  There were 2 - Wolf and Wolf Running.  I was saved, he liked it!

I think I now want to try my hand at taking some of these images and translating them into some applique and hand embroidery.  Maybe I can add wolf running on a t-shirt for my boy.  He can always sleep in it.


Val said...

Thank you for the comment on my "patchwork nest" at flickr. :) It's nice to meet you. :)

Also, the illustration of the little girl on your homepage looks exactly like my aunt Laurie as a girl. I'll have to email you some of her old photos.

Aaaaaan I totally remember this book's illustrations and had forgotten all about them until I read your post about them. What a great memory-jog that was. :)

judy said...

Oh, how I DO love Ed!
I just found that book recently for a quarter at the thrift store. His thumb print book is AMAZING also.

Parsimonia said...

Oh my gosh! This was my favorite drawing book when I was little. I spent hours doodling all the little critters in there. Makes me wonder if my mom still has it. Thanks so much for bringing back the memory!