Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sharing time

I wanted to show you my  last few pics of my girl's birthday party.  And p.s.  if you read this entire post there will be a surprise at the end!

My neighbor showed me a neat trick for making these fruit bouquets.  Insert a wedge of iceberg lettuce in the pot.  These were fun to make.  I wish I had bought more pineapple, and the strawberries also had blueberries on the skewers that helped them from slipping down the stick.  The kids loved it and of course they ate it all!

I also made these huge tissue paper flowers.  They hung from the ceiling over the counter where I had the food out.  My husband thought that I bought them, what a kook :)

Remember the theme of her party was dogs.  So I ordered this simple cake with a dog bone on it.  The plastic dogs we already had and had been through the dishwasher.  I was going to put them nicely around the perimeter of the cake, but when the girls saw what I was up to, they decided to assist me!

And here is was I made for each little girl to take home with her.  A little scottie dog.  My girl even helped me add the stuffing.  It was so sweet for me to get to make them with her.  She named her dog "Frisbee"!  Gotta love it.

And here is your surprise... I made an extra little dog for you!!  Yes, you can be the proud owner of your very own frisbee dog.  Just leave a comment for a chance to win.  This giveaway will end on Sunday night.  Thanks and pass it on!


diane said...

What a darling Party, I love the colors! And yes count me in to win one of your doggies (:

Megan v said...

Your daughter will always remember fondly all the special things you did for her!! What an adorable party :). I thought you did the "haphazard" look of the dogs on purpose - since that is how dogs ARE! They lay right in the middle of the room or right on top of your stuff! Ha!

thursday said...

Are you kidding?!?! Me, me Katie Jean!! Please pick me!

(I swear I wasn't that obnoxious kid in class. I grew into it.)

Mary said...

What a great party you and Alena had.
Sophie and I wish we were there with all of you!

Shell said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous party! I love the fruit kabob bouquets, the cute "Frisbees", and the paper flowers. How did you make the paper flowers? I'm hosting a bridal shower for my sis next year and would absolutely love to make those. I'm so glad I came across your site!! The lil' Scotties are darling... I would love to win one! Off to go check out more cool things you have created! :)

judith said...

Bring it on, Sister! Count me in!

Love it!!!!!!

Dawn said...

Can I please put you in charge of all my birthday parties? I'm good with making the cakes, but I need help with decorations! ;)

Melody Briggs said...

Way to go on the party!
I love you ideas!
Thank you for the chance to win a dog!
What a fun theme and a great day, I hope you got a dog gone nap after it was all said and done.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these scottie dogs. And would really love one of my own. :)

Addie said...

Adorable! My little girlie would love one of these! =)

Katie said...

When you mentioned a party in your post on the doggie tshirt I had to scroll back and look for it. Like I said mine also is a huge puppy fan, so I needed to try and scam some ideas in case she picks that theme next time. She almost did this time around. Thanks for the tip on for the fruit. I made some before but used foam and I like the lettuce idea a whole lot better!