Wednesday, August 11, 2010

party girl

I am in the midst of party planning!  My girl will soon be 6 year's old and would like to celebrate by having a doggy birthday party.  I found the perfect vintage cute invites on ric rac and buttons.

I decided to add just a touch whimsy.  So we sorted out a few of these little vintage flowers and got out the good ol' glue stick.

My girl liked the green hearts and daises.


She wrote the party guest names on the envelopes while the glue dried.  And since these are small invites we had to then insert these cards into larger envelopes to mail.  And that I will show you tomorrow!

Thanks for looking!


Amy Cluck said...

Those are adorable! I love the vintage little puppies and the embellishments. So cute.

malia said...

love your creative embellishments katie!

Mary said...

So dog-gone cute! What a great party she is going to have.

Val said...

Kids' handwriting always makes me smile. You'll be glad to have a record of it in these pictures. :)