Thursday, August 5, 2010

my vintage love

When I started katie jean it was all about the vintage fabric.  Sure I loved all the new fabrics and the fabric designers.  But with vintage fabrics, there was just something about them that was just so much more alluring to me.

Vintage fabrics have unique special touches like a print with swiss dot or felted flowers.  Or some prints have a little bit of seersucker in them.  Each one looks fresh to me and maybe even a little bit innocent.

Some vintage sheeting even has a huge appeal for me!  Once it was a pillowcase, now it's a coaster.  And if you're reading this, I know that you get it too.  I'm sure you love vintage as much as I do.  Why do you love it so?

btw, these bibs are made with 100% vintage and organic fabrics.  They are just waiting for me to make a matching burp cloth or onesie.


beka*b said...

what a pretty blog! and such pretty things!

malia said...

Those are so flippin' sweet!