Wednesday, August 25, 2010

finding my balance

My 3 are all back to school now.  I am still wondering how to fill my days!  I used to laugh when people would ask me that. I thought I would sew from sun up til sun down.  At least until 2:30 any way.

It has been 5 days. I am still trying to find my balance.  I wonder what is to become of me?

Then I remember that the thrift shops are open.  I can go to them and shop for the things I love and need.  Not having to worry about what my kids love and want and have to have.

My back seat still feels empty. But now I have room for my junk!


Mary said...

Such fun finds! I need to come with you.

gettyowl said...

Oh, and this comment is from Stacey Ball by the way. I just realized that I'm still logged into the "under construction" Getty site :o)

gettyowl said...

Are those all thrift store finds??? Love them all! Which ones do you go to??? If you ever want to do a Friday thrift store outing I am totally game, just email me :o)

katiejean said...

stacey! That would be so fun!! I found these all at the Goodwill in Roseville. They were all hidden well :)

Brandy said...

very cute and well said!